Zagreb in Croatia

The city Zagreb is the largest city capital of Croatia. Zagreb is very popular with tourists as the city is one of the most popularrich has to offer a range of sights and attractions. Visit thedressexplorer for Croatia Travel Guide.

So you should n’t miss the Ban Jelacic Square. This is located in the upper town of Zagreb and dates from the seventeenth century. The central square was named after the Croatian national hero Joseph Jelacic von Buzim. There is also an equestrian statue of him in the square.

The vegetable and green market is also worth seeing. This has been open since 1926 and is the largest and most centrally located market in the city. Here you can buy everything from cheese, fruit, vegetables, meat to sausage and baked goods.

The Cibano Tower is worth a visit. The tower is a commercial building and is 92 meters high. It is one of the tallest buildings in the city.

You should also have seen the monument to King Tomislav. The equestrian monument is on Tomislav Trg and is supposed to honor the first king of Croatia. Tomislav was crowned in Tomislav in 925. Another attraction in Zagreb is the Eurotower. The tower was built in 2006 and has a height of 97.8 meters. The tower has a total of twenty-six floors and houses the headquarters of the stock exchange.

Other special buildings in the city are the Zagreb TV Tower, the Lotrscak Tower, the Mamutica, the Regent Esplanade, Sabor and the stone gate.

There are also plenty of sacred buildings to admire in Zagreb. The most beautiful is the Zagreb Cathedral. It is formative for the cityscape of Zagreb, as it has two church towers, each two hundred and six meters high. The cathedral is a symbol of the city. Zagreb Cathedral was the successor to an earlier church from the twelfth century. But this was destroyed by the Tatars. The cathedral looks back on an exciting history. The impressive sacred building survived the attacks by the Ottomans and an earthquake in 1880.
After the earthquake, however, the cathedral had to be rebuilt. Its current appearance was created in the neo-Gothic style. The highlight of the cathedral is the treasury, filled with church gold.

The church of St. Francis is also worth seeing. It inspires its visitors above all with its fringed glass windows.

Another sacred building in Zagreb that one should see is the Marienkirche. Its exterior consists of a mixture of Gothic and Baroque style elements. The highlight of the church are the baroque altars.

Definitely not to be missed is the St. Mark’s Church. It is located in the old town of Zagreb and dates from the thirteenth century. Later construction work gave the sacred building its Gothic appearance. Due to the numerous church statues inside the church, St. Mark’s Church is one of the most beautiful in the country. The oldest coat of arms of the city is also attached to the MarkusKirche. It was made in 1499.

Historic palaces and castles can also be admired in Zagreb. The Banal Hof is one of the most beautiful. The Banal Courtyard is a one-story baroque building adjoining a palace. Medvedgrad Castle is something special. The castle was built in the thirteenth century. This was destroyed by two earthquakes in 1574 and 1590. The castle has not been used since that time. Medvedgrad was extensively renovated in the twentieth century. From here you have a fabulous view over the city.

Another palace not to be missed is the Archbishop’s Palace.

Museum lovers will be delighted with Zagreb as there are quite a number of different museums in the city. The Archaeological Museum is an absolute must. Most of the exhibits from Croatia are shown here. But there are also Greek and Egyptian exhibits, even an Egyptian mummy. The attraction of the museum is a text in Etruscan language, the world’s oldest surviving text.

The Mimara Museum is interesting. Presents from the restorer and entrepreneur Ante Topic Mimara and his wife are shown here.

Anyone interested in Croatian art is in the right place at the Folklore Museum, as works of art by Croatian artists are exhibited here.

Another museum in the city is the Zagreb City Museum. Here you can learn everything about the history of the city. But there are also exhibits from the fields of heraldry, cartography and painting.

The sights and attractions mentioned so far are only a small part of what Zagreb actually has to offer. Among other things, there are still theaters, parks and gardens to explore in the Croatian city. Families spending their vacation in Zagreb should not miss the Zagreb Zoological Garden.

Zagreb in Croatia

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