Where to Go on Vacation in Albania

A sea trip to the Balkan Peninsula has become a good tradition for Russian-speaking tourists. In the southern region of Europe, it is easy to choose an interesting country where to go to the sea in winter and summer will also be comfortable and profitable. Albania is a new, unnecessarily little-known tourist destination that should be taken into account by the budget unpretentious tourist.

Off the coast of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, you can pick up many unusual places and resort towns where to go on vacation in Albania. For many, a vacation in Albania will be a real adventure, an unusual “expedition” in search of new places to stay. If interest and the spirit of excitement nevertheless overcame you, we suggest you find out which destinations for a beach tour to choose instead of monotonous trips to Turkey, where there are always a lot of fellow tribesmen.

Where to rest in Albania

In search of fresh impressions, new emotions, active recreation on the sea coast, we recommend choosing resorts near the shores of the Ionian Sea. Resort towns and cities, such as Saranda, Himara, Dhermi, are popular destinations where it is better to relax in Albania for young people and those who come here for thrills. Here, nature endows guests with beautiful views from the rocky cliffs, and having overcome the steep slopes to the sea, exciting walks in the bays and diving are waiting for you.

The Adriatic is more suitable for those who are looking for a cozy place where to relax in Albania with children. Lalzit Bay has clean sandy beaches, well-groomed recreation areas, so a family vacation here will be held under the slogan “quiet and calm.” A measured beach holiday in this part of Albania can be combined with excursions (to Durres), or get close to nature and medieval architecture (to Shengjin).

What to do and where to go

Holidays on the warm sea coast of Albania, where traveling with a child is cheaper than a tour to the resorts of Montenegro or Greece, in between relaxing sunbathing on sandy beaches, you can diversify with unusual entertainment for the whole family. You can try yourself in rafting, evaluate your strength in mountaineering. The country of eagles offers many unusual sightseeing routes where you can get to know the features of the culture and customs of Albania:

  1. national parks and reserves in the Riviera of Flowers region;
  2. marine park Karaburun-Sazan in the vicinity of Vlore;
  3. cable car on Mount Dajtit;
  4. fortresses, churches and temples (Kruja in the city of Shkodra, the Venetian tower in Durres).

Beach holidays in Albania: the best resorts

Albania is actively developing new places where it is better to relax on the sea. The country has opened a visa-free entry regime for tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus for the entire summer holiday season. Here it is easy to find a suitable and inexpensive resort by the sea in Albania, where it is better to relax with a big company, learn from your own experience all the benefits of ecotourism and just charge your “batteries” with energy for the whole winter.


Rest in Albania is of genuine interest, because not everyone knows where to go and how to organize leisure there. In the small village of Velipoye, there is one of the largest and most comfortable beaches in the country (20 km long), even at the height of the season in July, you can find a quiet place here. Beautiful nature, clean air and warm sea with a sandy bottom contribute to a comfortable stay.


Looking for a place where all desires come true – go to rest on the sea in Albania in Shedzhin (the city of St. Jean). The tourist infrastructure is well developed here, the hotels are located right on the beach, so at any convenient time you can enjoy swimming in the warm Adriatic Sea.


A city that will be interesting for all ages. This area combines the best beaches (there are sand and pebbles). This is an ideal place for a large family, because there is something for everyone – from fun games for the little ones to underwater exploration for young people, quiet evening gatherings in a cafe on the beach to entertaining discos until the morning.


It is worth coming here not only for the sake of the warm sea and a beautiful tan. Ksamil is a paradise for photographers and selfie lovers, it is called the “Albanian Maldives”. There is amazing nature, beautiful landscapes and clean air. The beaches are well maintained, but many are owned by restaurants, so be prepared to order lunch or pay €4 for a sunbed.


Spending a day on the beach (better on the outskirts of the city), strolling along the evening promenade, or devoting time to walking through ancient ruins, is a daily location for me to explore. The resort is suitable for those who are ready to swim in the Ionian Sea for days on end, and for those who want to personally see the ruins of Butrint and the ancient Greek city of Finichi, visit Corfu.


A beach holiday in Dhermi will be brightened up by beautiful nature – numerous olive and citrus groves fill the air with fresh and pleasant aromas. On the cozy well-groomed beaches in this area you can often meet celebrities, while the prices for good service here are very loyal. We recommend going on a tour to the Pirate Cave.


Durres is famous for its ancient architecture and excursion programs. But beach holidays are also given worthy attention here, it is better to relax on the beaches in the suburbs (Golem). The sea is shallow, so it warms up quickly and is safe for families with small children. Fine sand will be pleasant even to the tiniest feet. The resort has beautiful parks for walking, and the embankment organically fits into the general panorama of the port city.


Do you want to visit ancient Greece inexpensively? Then spend your holidays in Himare. This Albanian resort with an interesting history still attracts tourists interested in ancient legends. Tourism infrastructure is actively developing in this region, so here you will find a good level of beach holidays for a moderate fee. Give preference to Livadhi Beach, where the pebbles are smooth and white.

Where to stay in Albania

You can book accommodation in the resorts of Albania with the help of a tour operator or on your own, choosing hotels on special Internet portals will not be difficult. Note that in most resort towns, hotels are located on the first coastline.

There are many alternatives to hotels in Albania – in small villages by the sea, locals offer to rent rooms or entire houses at reasonable prices, but this option is acceptable if you are traveling by car. Also, those who wish can consider the option of ecological tourism with accommodation in small villages or on farms.


According to Topschoolsintheusa, Albania is a maritime country worth visiting at least for delicious seafood, vegetable dishes and amazing dairy treats. The local cuisine has absorbed the best traditions of Mediterranean and Balkan dishes. The restaurants offer a lot of meat and fish delicacies prepared according to old recipes, but there is also a good choice for vegetarians.

A tourist who has visited Albania for the first time is recommended to try the best culinary masterpieces of this country: Fegese – a vegetable dish baked with cottage cheese; Tave Kosi – a dish of lamb baked in the oven; Fried shrimp and other fresh seafood; Shendetli is a dessert with honey and walnuts.

How much does a holiday in Albania cost?

Planning a trip to Albania should start 2-3 months in advance, then housing prices will be lower, but even in the high season, even a budget tourist will be more profitable to rest here than in advertised neighboring countries with an identical climate. The cheapest time to relax in Albania is in September during the velvet season – at this time, prices are significantly reduced.

Renting a room in a good hotel reaches $500, but food and excursions are very affordable. Lunch in a cafe – $ 15, and snacks in street shops – up to $ 2, a trip on an excursion – around 15 €.

Where to Go on Vacation in Albania

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