US 176, 178 and 258 in North Carolina

US 176 in South Carolina

US 176
Get started Hendersonville
End Goose Creek
Length 238 mi
Length 383 km






St Matthews

Holly Hill

Goose Creek

According to transporthint, US 176 is a US Highway in the United States, located in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. The vast majority are in South Carolina. The route runs diagonally from Hendersonville through Spartanburg and Columbia to Goose Creek near Charleston. US 176 is 383 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The end of I-585 in Spartanburg.

US 176 begins on US 25 in North Carolina in Hendersonville and after about 20 kilometers reaches the border with South Carolina. The route then parallels Interstate 26 in South Carolina to the town of Spartanburg, where it crosses the Interstate 85 corridor. The route is then a divided highway to Union and then a single-lane road to the capital Columbia, parallel to I-26 at a distance. From Columbia, US 176 runs parallel to I-26 to the southeast at a distance of 5 to 10 kilometers, as a single-lane road with a somewhat secondary character. US 176 ends in the suburb of Goose Creek at US 52.


US 176 was one of the original US Highways of 1926. This was a regional route from Hendersonville, North Carolina to Newberry, South Carolina and therefore only ran in the north of the state. In 1951, US 176 was extended to Goose Creek, a suburb of Charleston. This established the longer route through South Carolina.

US 176 was actually the first direct route between Columbia and Charleston. When the US Highway system was created in 1926, Columbia was only a small city with about 40,000 inhabitants. Other cities in the region were larger, it was only later that Columbia’s importance increased and a direct route between Columbia and Charleston was justified. Before US 176 was extended, traffic went on US 21 to Orangeburg and then US 178 to Charleston, a route only marginally longer than the direct US 176.

Due to the early construction of I-26, US 176 was not upgraded on a large scale. I-26 was already completed in the 1960s from Hendersonville to Charleston, so that US 176 no longer played a role for through traffic. The road southeast of Spartanburg did play a role for regional traffic, because I-26 runs a lot further west here. That is why the US 176 between Spartanburg and Union has been upgraded to a 2×2 divided highway, largely over a new route of 40 kilometers in length. This was realized in the early 1990s.

US 178 in South Carolina

US 178
Begin Rosman
End Ridgeville
Length 240 mi
Length 387 km



This is Path





North Livingston




US 178 is a U.S. Highway in the United States, located in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina, the majority of which is in South Carolina. The route runs from Rosman via Anderson to Ridgeville and is 387 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 178 begins at US 64 in North Carolina at Rosman. After only a few kilometers you reach the border with South Carolina, near the highest mountain in South Carolina. US 178 is a single-lane road that heads south to Anderson, then southeast to Ridgeville terminus. US 178 is of secondary character, largely two-lane and does not serve major towns. Regional towns include Greenwood, Batesburg-Leesville, and Orangeburg.


US 178 was added to the network in 1933. The route then ran from Anderson to Dorchester, just outside Charleston. In 1937 the route was extended to Rosman, North Carolina.

US 178 has always been of some secondary importance, but because it does not connect major cities, no highway has been built parallel to it, although the section from Orangeburg to the end at Ridgeville runs parallel to I-26, as well as parallels to others. US Highways such as US 78 and US 176. The only upgrades to US 178 are in locations where US 178 intersects with other US Highways, such as US 78 around Anderson, US 25 around Greenwood, and the Orangeburg bypass.

US 258 in North Carolina

US 258
Get started Jacksonville
End Como
Length 155 mi
Length 250 km


Snow Hill



Scotland Neck



According to travelationary, US 258 is a US Highway in the US state of North Carolina. The road forms a north-south route through the east of the state, and is mostly secondary in nature. The road starts in Jacksonville and runs through Kinston and Tarboro to the Virginia border and is 250 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 258 at Richlands.

The road begins in the town of Jacksonville, at an intersection with US 17, which comes from the coastal city of Wilmington and runs parallel to US 258 to Norfolk. US 258 then has a stretch of 2×2 lanes past Richlands, where SR-24 heads west to I-40. US 258 turns north here as a single-lane road to Kinston, about 40 miles north, where it crosses US 70, the east-west route from Goldsboro to New Bern on the coast. US 258 then follows a secondary route to Farmville, the road being equally double-numbered with US 13 coming from Goldsboro and running to Greenville. The road then intersects US 264, an east-west highway from Raleighand Wilson to Greenville and Nag’s Head in eastern North Carolina. After this, US 258 follows a quiet route for about 110 kilometers to the border with Virginia. Just before the border, in Murfreesboro, one crosses US 158, after which US 258 continues in Virginia to Franklin and Newport News.


The terminus of US 258 in Jacksonville.

US 258 was added to the network in 1932. The route then ran from Jacksonville to Murfreesboro, entirely in the state of North Carolina. In 1940 the route was extended into Virginia, creating the current route in North Carolina. US 258 is somewhat secondary in character because it does not connect larger cities in North Carolina. As a result, the road is still mainly single-lane.

US 258 in North Carolina

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