Upcycling Bikes-Ancient Wheels New Life Breathed New Life

In the sporty month of January, it is a good idea to take a look at bicycles, even if you dare to venture out with them. At least mine is still in the domestic cellar and waits for warmer temperatures. The bikes from Starrgang are, however, eh rather less sports equipment than lifestyle object. The manufactory for accessories and bicycles was founded last year in Füssen/Allgäu, where the founder of the company was born in 1985.

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Starrgang-More Than A Company/A Life Setting

As a trained fine mechanic, Florian grew up in the eighth generation in Fussen and is thus particularly connected to his region.Therefore, it is not surprising that this has a significant influence on his creative processes, as well as his product portfolio. From this year on he will produce with starrgang in the former Hanfwerken and belongs therefore to the 6th generation of his family, which there their livelihood.

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Personally, he can not imagine another place of creation, as he can be seen through. For both the scenic as well as creative diversity and strength are for him the most ideal conditions, to give old bicycles with history a new life. Florian Starrgang sees as a counter-design to today’s society, where he creates something beautiful and new from something that is no longer desired.

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Just this approach, from everyday something very special to make I find very appealing. Because today it is so easy to throw things away and replace them with new ones, yet it is so much more sensible to look at the essentials and to look at these things again, to seriously consider whether to dispose of them or again Reuse.

The upcycling bikes from Starrgang are currently available in two versions. Under a rigid line , old, also customer-oriented bicycle frames with history, by complete disassembly and reconstruction are configured by personal customer wishes. Florian is concerned about reduction. Say, the old frame is reduced to its core by removing all welded parts, sandblasting, multiple powder coating and cavity sealing.

In order to be rebuilt afterwards with new parts from professional cycling and special handmade leather applications. Through this approach, Florian’s view of the essentials and the reduction to minimalistic approaches is shown. Finally, a wheel does not have to be overloaded to convince itself of itself.

Starrgang² includes limited editions of hand-welded, muffled frames in the exclusive Starrgang design. Consists of a multiply powder-coated, hollow-sealed frame, refined with components from professional cycling and hand-sewn leather elements on the frame and handlebars. Just very special wheels. But let us let Florian speak himself and chat a little from the sewing box.

Florian, tell my readers and me what you’re doing at Starrgang?

I use old wheels, disassemble them to the frame. The frame is re-aligned by means of superfluous flurries free soldered sandblasted hollow space sealed and several times powder coated.

Afterwards, this completely reworked frame with top components is completely rebuilt in a rigid design. Here, too, regional suppliers are coming to the fore in order to meet the idea of ​​sustainability.

Where does the name Starrgang come from-is it all about an allusion to the wheel-right?

Starrgang basically describes the drive mode of the first bicycles and since I like the original wheels of the design and my first bike is a so-called “fixie”, it was obvious derived from fixed gear=stiff course to name my company as well as They are the wheels themselves.

How did you get the idea to breathe new life into old wheels?

I find it terribly a pity that so many historical bikes tell the stories could land on the rubbish. This should also be a clear statement to the current Wegwerfgesellschaft, which can be from something old still something young fresh new emergence.

Where does your passion for bicycles come from? Why not refrigerators, which you individualize?

Here, indeed, virtue was born out of necessity. I did not have a car and wanted a nice bike. Fortunately, I soon got a racing bike from the early 70s and gave me my first bike with a lot of training money.The idea and the optics came equally awesome, whereby the first orders were issued here.

What is important to you, the wheels you create?

Highest quality and of course the very minimalist design and definitely the uniqueness of every stroll.

If you have to explain one of your previous bikes to your personal favorite. What would this be and why?

Basically, of course, the first I have built which is also driven daily by me. From design and manufacture, my favorite is in any case Starrgang-Ruggine where the frame has been artificially rusted and sealed.

In addition to bicycles you also offer calendars, bags and lights.What’s it all about?

In the Allgäu, of course, one quickly attracted attention with such a project, and was fortunate enough to work with some photographers, who also participated in the calendar. The bags were created in collaboration with a company from Füssen Attention was paid to the leather purchase for my stitched handlebars, here I am very proud that we have already created a wonderful product range.

How are things going on, what are your plans?

At the moment I am with two designers still with the appropriate bike clothes to the starrgang wheels, furthermore with a shoemaker on the first prototype of a Haferl bicycle shoe and with many other creative colleagues on new products which will integrate into the starrgang family.

My goal is to be able to live with bicycle construction and to make many, many people a pleasure with the wheels or other products and simply create something beautiful.