Trench Coat For Winter: A Joker For Cool Looks

The trench coat is one of the indispensable pieces for the winter wardrobe. Created by Thomas Burberry, the item is a great investment as it is quite versatile. This coat of arms appeared in London during World War I as a way of protecting soldiers against rain, cold and other adversities.

According to the fashion and image consultant, Karla Alves, the trench coat values ​​any type of body depending on the way it is worn. “He acts like a coat, dress or blazer. For those who have little waist and want to value it the ideal is to wear the open trench coat to shape the body, worn closed brings more elegance, draws the waist, lengthens and leaves the posture impeccable.

The coat is also a great ally for the most diverse occasions.”From ballads with miniskirts or dresses up to the workplace with shirts, knit sweaters or silk and skinny pants,” says Karla on the versatility of trench coat that can also be used in summer accompanied by lighter dresses and sleeves Folded.

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How To Use Trench Coat

Because of its various possibilities of use, trench coat offers many ways to be combined. To help you use the part, here’s a guide with five ways to put together your look with the trench coat and various tips given by the fashion consultant.

Trench Coat With Short Piece

Wearing trench coat with dresses, skirts or shorts is great option for warmer days, leaving the look cooler. When the combination is with dress or skirt, it leaves the look more romantic and feminine.Karla gives the hint of wearing it with heeled sandals. For colder days, bet on the combination with pantyhose.

The style of the look will depend on the parts you use with the trench coat and the short piece. If you prefer more casual looks, the idea is to combine with t-shirts, boots and other pieces more stripped. If you want to bet on a romantic look, give preference to more delicate colors and skirts or more rounded dresses.

Trench Coat With Trousers

A more traditional and casual way of wearing the trench coat is combining it with pants, be it jeans, legging , or any other model, all look perfect with the jacket. “The most classic and appropriate way to work environment, for example, is skinny pants, which fit the body, and high heels,” suggests the fashion consultant.

Who likes to disguise the hip, usually does not wear legging, but combining the pants with the trench coat can be a good option, since the coat is longer and disguises the area. Another great combination and perfect for winter is wearing the jacket and legging pants with the same color boot, helping to lengthen the body and leave the silhouette slimmer.

Trench Coat For Winter A Joker For Cool Looks 2

Trench Coat Short

The traditional trench coat is close to knee length, however, some of the models run away from the standard and are shorter. These models have the closest hip and waist length, enhancing this area and flattening the silhouette. A good option to avoid this problem is to use a monochrome look.

The shorter trench coat is a great ally of the pants, making it possible to create incredible looks with the combination. The look is also less loaded and with a touch of summer, so it is worth betting on this jacket on warmer days. A heel shoe helps make the look more chic and the silhouette more elongated.

Trench Coat With Pantyhose

If you intend to wear a dress, a skirt or a shorts, but it is cold to leave without protection on the legs, bet on the pantyhose. In addition to giving an extra charm to the look, it protects from the cold, helping to fine tune the leg. Give preference to pantyhose with more yarns and darker colors.

If you have a very thin leg and do not like to emphasize them, the tip to make the mistake of using this combination is to bet on more transparent tights. To make the silhouette more elongated, the suggestion is to always match the color of the pantyhose with that of the shoe.

Trench Coat For Winter A Joker For Cool Looks 3

Colorful Trench Coat

The trench coat is a very serious piece, both for its model and the traditional colors in which it is made, caramel and black. If your intention is to give more joy to the look and make the look less traditional, colorful trench coat may be a good option. There is a wide variety of colored and patterned models on the market.

Investing in the colorful trench coat also helps make the look less wintry, creating a lighter look.You can choose the color or the print that has more to do with you, for example, by choosing a graphic print, you leave the look more modern. Polka dots, hearts and pastel colors make the look more romantic and feminine.

Tips And Options For You To Buy Your Trench Coat

The trench coat is not a difficult piece to use. The coat goes well for women of all ages and of any physical type, so it pays to have at least one model in the wardrobe. If even with this certainty, you are still in doubt about how to wear the trench coat, the fashion consultant has listed some tips that can heal her concerns:

Plus size: plus size women can use and abuse the trench coat. In order not to miss the time to wear the piece, Karla gives the hint of opting for the open coat. “Another tip is the bottom look is all monochromatic, because the coat becomes a frame that values ​​the body,” he adds.

Short Women: For women of short stature, the trench coat can flatten the silhouette further. If this is not your intention, the consultant recommends that you give preference to the over-knee length coat, helping to balance the silhouette.

Accessories: Because it is a very democratic piece, you can combine the trench coat with all the accessories that look beautiful. For those who want to stretch the silhouette, accessories can be good allies at this time. “Using jump is a good option. Thinner and longer necklaces, just below the bust, also lengthen the silhouette, “teaches Karla.

With these tips it is much easier to get it right when using the trench coat. If you do not already have one in your wardrobe, then a gallery with 8 assorted coats for you to choose the one that best suits your personality:

Inspirations To Match Your Trench Coat

If you’re still a little bit lacking in inspiration to wear your trench coat, then see a lot of blogger images wearing the coat, making combinations for any occasion, and helping you wear the trench coat regardless of your physical type and style.