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The Republic of Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia, has long been one of the symbols of exotic holidays. Even despite the fact that the population of the state, which lies on more than 15 thousand islands, exceeds 200 million people, only one thousand of them can boast of a permanent population. The influx of tourists to Indonesia is increasing every year, which is facilitated, first of all, by the equatorial and tropical climate, a wide variety of landscapes, a warm and clear sea, and unsurpassed nature.

According to Phonecations, Indonesia is also unique in its ethnic diversity. According to ethnologists, about 400 ethnic units live in the country, while, despite the presence of the state language, in different regions the inhabitants of Indonesia prefer to communicate in different dialects, of which there are at least five hundred in the state. The most famous settlements of Indonesia are its capital Jakarta, the islands of Java, Lombok and Bali, which attract millions of tourists a year, as well as a small tropical island bordering Singapore, Bintan.

Bali is the most famous and popular holiday destination in Indonesia. The magnificent climate, which nature has awarded the island, contributes to the constant influx of tourists from all over the world. In addition, this resort is primarily for outdoor enthusiasts. Jimbaran, Denpasar, Nusa Dua and Ubud are the most popular holiday destinations in Bali.

Holidays in Indonesia can be called truly exotic. Here you will see tropical jungles, tropical forests located high in the mountains, and pristine sandy beaches that attract lovers of passive and active recreation. It is Indonesia, due to the presence of the island of Bali, that is considered a paradise for diving and surfing lovers, who literally occupy the coastal territory of the island. The mountainous terrain also helps to attract extreme sports enthusiasts who prefer going down the river on a raft or climbing to the top of the mountain for passive recreation.

Indonesia is, after all, summer for 365 days a year. Very rarely, even in winter at night, the temperature in Bali and other Indonesian islands drops below +20 ╟С. However, while staying in Indonesia, it is necessary to respect and honor the traditions of the indigenous people, because, despite the natural good nature, local customs are above the law for Indonesian citizens.

Resorts Bali, Bintan, Sumatra

The Indonesian archipelago is considered one of the most prestigious resort areas in the world. And the most famous and popular holiday destination in Indonesia is the island of Bali, which is part of a volcanic arc. The magnificent climate, which nature has awarded the island, contributes to the constant influx of tourists from all over the world.

Bali is a resort, first of all, for lovers of outdoor activities. Diving, surfing, golf, horseback riding, hiking in the jungle, mountaineering – this is not a complete list of entertainment that you can do on the island of Bali. Magnificent landscapes do not leave indifferent either tourists or local residents who are proud of the sights of the resort. A tourist who visits the island gets a great opportunity not only to enjoy a pleasant stay, but also to improve his health, using the services of numerous spa centers located in Bali. In addition, this particular island boasts one of the best hotel infrastructures in the world.

A tropical island is considered to be no less bright place for recreation.Bintan, located near Singapore. But if Bali is a paradise for lovers of active pastime, then Bintan is the best choice for those who like to just lie down under the bright sun and swim in warm waters. The level of infrastructure development in Bintan is also very high. Almost all hotels are equipped with personal SPA centers, each of which operates in order to improve and relax tourists. The average air temperature in the resort is around +30 C * regardless of the season, and the equatorial climate makes the weather on Bintan Island suitable for a beach holiday throughout the year.
It is the islands of Bali and Bintan that provide the main flow of tourists to Indonesia, but this does not mean that the development of other resorts is too inferior to the level of the most popular in the Indonesian archipelago.

Sumatra, one of the world’s most famous and most beautiful islands of the Indonesian archipelago. It is the fifth largest island in the world. In the Indonesian archipelago, only Java and Bali are larger than Sumatra. A large transport hub is the capital of the province of North Sumatra – the port city of Medan. Here is an international airport that connects the island with Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang Island, as well as with European capitals – Amsterdam and Vienna.

Resort Bali Hotels

Kayu Manis
A beautiful hotel located in the city of Nusa Dua, is the newest and smallest of its family. Each villa of this wonderful style is made in a unique style. Here you will feel very comfortable.
If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, then Kayu Manis is the best place on earth. The apartments here are very spacious, a lot of glass and clean air. And most importantly, children under 16 are not accommodated in the villas, so the atmosphere here is quite peaceful.

In each room you will find: swimming pool, air conditioning, TV, telephone, minibar, refrigerator and much more. In a word, the service in this hotel is at a very high level. You can always soak up the snow-white beach, under the soft rays of the Indonesian sun. Absolutely free of charge you will be provided with sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as beach towels. There is also a massage center on the territory of the resort, where you can improve your health.

Sheraton Laguna
This small but very beautiful hotel is located 20 minutes from the airport. He has a lot of advantages. On its territory there is a chic swimming pool (500 sq.m.), made in the form of tropical lagoons with sea water, which is filled directly from the ocean. The perimeter of the hotel is surrounded by a luxurious tropical park with waterfalls. Only here you will find yourself in a unique wellness center with rose petal baths, massages and a Jacuzzi. The staff of the Sheraton Laguna hotel is very attentive to everyone without exception. The servant will appear like a genie from a lamp and fulfill your every desire.

The hotel food is very varied. European, sea and Indonesian cuisines are presented here. 3 wonderful restaurants are always at your service. Also open: an open-air cocktail bar and a bar with live music. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are 2 tennis courts, a sauna, a gym, a diving center, golf and Balinese dance courses. The hotel has its own sandy beach. All equipment for recreation on the coast – free of charge.

Bali Hyatt
This beautiful hotel is located on the Sanur Beach, a 40-minute drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. The traditional resort is set in 36 acres of landscaped gardens. Spacious en suite rooms with balconies are decorated in traditional Indonesian style with wooden elements and equipped to a modern standard. The hotel has 5 restaurants, where guests are offered seafood and dishes of European, traditional, Indonesian, Italian cuisine.

For lovers of shopping, boutiques and shops are open, where you will find a lot of interesting things. Excellent conditions for rest for fidgets. Here are open: gym, sunnah, tennis courts and much more. For those who come with children, babysitting services are provided. When you come here with your family, you will have a great time.

Tourist about Indonesia

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