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New Mexico is not called the ‘land of enchantment’ for nothing: the vast nature reserves, atmospheric cities and influences from all kinds of cultures provide a mix with a magical effect. We therefore definitely recommend making a tour through New Mexico! New Mexico ranks fifth in size, bordering Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and the country of Mexico. Due to the diversity in culture and nature, a visit to this state will enrich your tour in a special way!


According to smber, the capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe, located in the north of the state. Founded in 1610 by Spanish settlers, Santa Fe is the oldest city in the state. Santa Fe is known for the many art that can be found in museums and in the streets. The works of art reflect the diversity of the inhabitants: most of the works clearly show Spanish, Indian or Mexican influences. If you want to discover the culture during your tour through New Mexico, you should definitely not miss Santa Fe! Other major cities include Las Cruces, Rosswell, and Albuquerque, the state’s largest city.


When you make a tour of New Mexico, the impressive nature will certainly stay with you. The seemingly dead deserts, breathtaking mountain ranges silhouetted against the horizon and raging rivers that cut their way through the landscape make it a tour to remember. The rugged landscape consists mainly of mountains, forests, prairies and high plains. The highest point is Wheeler Peak at 4011 meters, the mountain is part of the Rocky Mountains. The main river in New Mexico is the Rio Grande.

Even though the state is large, there is little water to be found besides the rivers. Despite the drought, there are huge forests, especially in the north. Many of these forests are protected and are part of parks such as Gila, Cibola, Lincoln and Carson National Park. In addition to wooded hills, you will also encounter arid deserts and snowy mountains. The diversity and contrasts in nature will make your tour of New Mexico one to remember!

The flora and fauna in the state are worth your tour. The vast prairies in the south are adorned by the creosote bush, the medquite tree, desert grasses and cacti, among other things. Many conifers and poplars grow in the north. The animal kingdom is also very diverse. Animals such as the wild turkey, black bear, puma, coyote, wolf and the world-famous roadrunner can be found here. So keep your camera handy during your tour of New Mexico. Special nature areas that should not be missed during your trip are White Sands and the stalactite caves at Carlsbad Caverns. New Mexico is rightly called enchanting!


The culture of New Mexico clearly reflects the state’s past and associated populations. The culture is strongly tied to Spanish traditions, but also clearly shows the stamp of the ‘Native Americans’, the Indians. Nearly half of the population has a Hispanic or Latin American background. A large part of these people are descended from the Spanish settlers who conquered the area in the past. As a result, the state is bilingual: English and Spanish are spoken. You will certainly notice this during your tour of New Mexico, especially in the cities.

The Indians live on large reservations and are mainly from the Navajo, Pueblo and Apache tribes. These Indians let their voices be heard especially in art. There are ancient works of art from these tribes that have stood the test of time. One of the first artists in this area were the Mimbres Indians with work that resembles our current modern art.

The majority of the population is Catholic or Protestant. Oil, gas, government and tourism are the main sources of income. The laws of New Mexico also clearly show an influence from earlier times. For example, the death penalty is used and there are almost no rules for possession of weapons.


The climate in this state is semi-arid to very dry. Due to the influence of the landscape (mountains), the climate differs per area. The average temperature is about 18 degrees in the south and 4 degrees in the north. In the summer this shoots up, the temperature then fluctuates between 26 and 36 degrees. There is a chance of rain in the summer, but most precipitation falls in the winter. This mainly results in snowfall in the mountains.

Tour of New Mexico

If you want to discover magical New Mexico during a tour of New Mexico, there are a lot of routes you can take. Below you will find the most beautiful routes through this state in a row.

  • Santa Fe Trail
  • S. Route 60, Brenda – Virginia Beach
  • S. Route 66, Los Angeles– Chicago
  • US Route 70, Pacific Ocean – Atlantic Ocean
  • Billy The Kid Byway

Tour of New Mexico

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