Top Resorts and Places in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a distinctive, mystical, exotic and multicultural place. It attracts tourists from all over the world with colorful oceanfront scenery, outlandish entertainment and a unique atmosphere. We will tell you what attracts this part of Indonesia, where it is better to relax in Bali and where to go for inspiration.

When is the best time to visit Bali

Proximity to the equator greatly affects local climatic features. There are only 2 seasons: dry (summer) and rainy (winter). In Bali, the monsoon season begins in November, but at the same time it is quite warm (the air temperature does not drop below +28), so it is better to relax on the Pacific coast.

If you want to practice surfing, we recommend visiting the island in December or February. During the day, you can safely go to the beach to “catch the waves”, and in the evening you can hide from the showers in a local cafe. High humidity not for you? Then it is better to relax in Bali in January in the northern regions, where a natural mountain shield protects from precipitation.

According to top-medical-schools, summer in Bali earlier: in May it is +31°C here, it is better to relax during this period in Ubud, and if +33°C does not scare you, choose the resorts of Kuta and Nossa Dua. June will delight tourists of the island with cloudless and calm weather, so you are guaranteed a beach holiday under the hot sun. The heat drops a little in July in Bali, so this is a great time to go to the ocean. In Bali in September and October it is comfortable to relax with the whole family: the sun is warm and gentle, and the water in the coastal areas is still comfortable for swimming and scuba diving.

Where to go to Bali and how to move around the island

The transport system on the island is in line with many Asian countries and island resorts: the roads here are narrow, winding, and traffic is unpredictable. The locals here mostly get around on scooters, like in Phuket, for example. If you plan to explore interesting places and unique natural landscapes, we recommend renting a car.

Bali is a unique place that has you from the first minutes of your stay, there are outlandish places where you can go: rice terraces, a hotel where elephants live, the Monkey Forest. In Bali, you can relax both in body and soul: in the central part of the island, it is worth visiting Munduk, where a creative atmosphere reigns (we suggest visiting Na Dacha, where you will find interesting communication and unusual entertainment in the heart of the rainforest).

Where to stay in Bali

The resorts of the island are a unique mixture of warm climate, local traditions, religion and culture. The tourist map of the island is very diverse, so it’s worth making a personal route from where to start exploring the area in order to choose the areas of Bali where it is better to relax.

Choose cities and hotels for recreation based on personal preferences. There are hotels where tourists with any budget can stay (minimum price per night can vary from $25 and up). For example, surfers should pay attention to resorts located on the coast. Particularly appreciated among lovers of water sports Uluwatu Surf Villas.

If you want to try something unusual and new, choose Bubble Hotel Ubud, where instead of a room you will be offered large transparent balls surrounded by tropical plants for only $90. An exotic place where it is comfortable to stay with children is Elephant Safary Park. Elephants will be your neighbors here.

Where is the best place to relax in Bali with children

Bali is favorably equipped for children’s recreation:

  • Seminyak, where they prefer to go with a child because of the large number of entertainment centers (Bali Perdana Wisata Tirta, Asmat Art);
  • Sanur, where there is a convenient gently sloping ocean shore;
  • Nusa Dua, where there are good well-groomed beaches;
  • Jimbaran, famous for its well-appointed hotels and spas.

Many couples go to the northern coast of Bali, where it is better to relax with a child. Lovina resort is a quiet and cozy resort where you can get close to nature, enjoy a quiet holiday surrounded by colorful nature. The weather here is good all year round, so if the winter blizzard and the New Year’s fairy tale in Lapland do not attract you, give preference to the warm sandy beaches of Bali.

Ideal resorts in Bali

Are you looking for a piece of paradise with a special atmosphere, do not know how to choose the resorts and beaches of Bali, where it is better to have an active rest, and where it is easy to succumb to temptation and spend a day in yoga classes? We offer a brief excursion on what to see in Bali and where to go: we will reveal the peculiarities of the magnetism of the Kuta resort, select new routes for traveling around the island and compile a checklist of original entertainment.


Jimbaran is a quiet and peaceful resort in Bali, where it is better to go for couples, travelers with children and older tourists. A small tourist village will appeal to those who are used to getting all the best: expensive hotels with amazing terraces for relaxing and private pools will be a real find for those who decide to go to Bali for the first time. We recommend trying local seafood – this is a tasty and healthy visiting card of the old fishing village.

Nusa Dua

Areas of Bali Nusa Dua, where it is better to relax for those who prefer a secluded holiday, are famous for their clean and well-groomed private beaches. Luxury hotels, spread here along the coast, offer a wide range of entertainment:

  • you can take some golf lessons;
  • take a leisurely bike ride through the narrow streets;
  • walk around the best shopping centers;
  • and in the evening, visit the show Devdan.

There are several significant places in Nusa Dua that will help the tourist to see the real culture of the country:

  • museum of the peoples of Oceania;
  • Uluwatu Temple;
  • area 5 religions.

Tanjung Benoa

Bali has excellent resorts where you can relax without a visa, with different budgets and interests. Tanjung Benoa is a vivid example of how harmoniously different cultures and religions can not only “get along” in one territory, but also complement each other. In this region, you can see how the locals perform ceremonies, make daily offerings to the gods. Here you can also choose unusual entertainment, for example, go in for curling, parachuting or spend the whole day visiting temples. The locals are very friendly, so it is possible that you may be invited to dinner.


You can go to Sanur if you have children, because here you will find something that is a real curiosity in other Bali resorts – white sandy beaches, the absence of big waves (the beaches are specially protected by breakwaters). Spend a family day at the amusement park with water slides, conquer the volcano and the hot springs of Bali.

The resort is conveniently located for short trips to nearby towns or islands. We recommend heading to Nusa Penida for amazing ocean views and giant tortoises up close.


The resort is comfortably based in the heart of the island, in the middle of tropical forests, wrapped in outlandish nature and a pleasant climate. This is the cultural center of Bali, so there are many salons and creative workshops, you can visit exhibitions, galleries or visit an unusual master class. At the same time, renting a house here is inexpensive.

In Ubud, you will definitely not be bored, they are waiting for you:

  • walks in the botanical garden;
  • acquaintance with local “fidgets” in the Monkey Forest;
  • unforgettable emotions in the marine park;
  • religious ceremonies at Titra Emput and Taman Ayun temples.


Noisy, active, youth and “party” resort on the island. The Kuta region is called the home of surfers. There are comfortable climatic conditions, the waves are high, especially in the winter months. The area is also ideal for beginners who are happy to learn a new sport. Kuta attracts tourists of different incomes, because there are expensive hotels near the coast, and small hotels with cozy inexpensive rooms.

How much are tours to Bali for two

Holidays in Bali, where there is an ideal offer for every budget, can be spent on a grand scale or modestly, but no less outrageous. The cost of a tour for two to Indonesia is from $ 1500 and includes flights, accommodation. Note that during the monsoon period, prices are slightly reduced, but not significantly, so if you don’t want to risk a long-awaited vacation, we advise you to choose tours in advance (after all, it’s much cheaper) and in the dry season.

Places in Bali, Indonesia

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