The Highlights of Portland, Oregon

‘Keep Portland weird’, you will encounter this slogan all over the city; on car bumpers, signs and buildings. And the city also wants to preserve this strange character. It is therefore a popular place for anyone who can appreciate ‘the special’. Anyone with a creative mind will feel right at home in this quiet city.

Portland Car Rentals

According to Electronicsmatter, Portland is one of the greenest and therefore one of the most beautiful cities in America. And although the city has nice parks and gardens, and interesting museums and architecture, it is a lot less crowded here than other popular cities in the US. In addition, the city is a great base for the breathtaking natural scenery that the state of Oregon has to offer. The city is about an hour away from the jagged coast and sandy beaches of the west coast, as well as natural parks such as Mt. Hood National Forest and Tillamook State Forest are within driving distance.

Oregon’s scenery is truly stunning, so if you’re staying in Portland it’s worth hiring a car to give you the freedom to explore the area. Or therefore has the option to rent a car in Portland at 7 locations, including Oregon International Airport.

Traffic In Portland And The Surrounding Area

Portland is located in the state of Oregon, in the northwestern United States. This state borders Washington State to the north, Idaho to the east, California and Nevada to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the east.

You can make beautiful tours along the coast and through jagged mountains, but make sure you are aware of the traffic rules that apply here in advance. Oregon state speed limits are one of the lowest in the US. The speed limit on rural highways and interstates is 112 km/h, on dual carriageways it is 105 km/h, and on other highways it is 88 km/h.

In the state of Oregon, it is legal to turn right at a red light. You must first come to a complete stop to check whether traffic is approaching. As soon as it is safe to continue driving, you may turn. If there is a sign at the intersection stating that you are not allowed to continue through a red light, you must of course stop here until the light changes to green.

Tip: Portland is an ideal destination for a road trip through winding roads. Oregon Route 35 is a scenic scenic route from Hood River to Government Camp with great views along the way. When driving on narrower mountain roads, you must give way to descending vehicles as an ascending vehicle.

Please note that traffic rules vary from state to state. If you decide to visit one of the surrounding states, first check the traffic rules that apply here.

Stroll Through Washington Park

One of the highlights of Portland is Washington Park, which you can easily spend a whole day strolling through. Part of the park is the International Rose Test Garden, a huge rose garden with no fewer than eight thousand roses, including a number of rare varieties. Your eyes and nose in particular are stimulated here by the countless colors and scents of the roses, but you also enjoy a very beautiful view here. From here, walk to the Japanese Garden where you find yourself in an oasis of tranquility with rippling water, a tea house, sand garden and a pond with the orange koi fish. Of course, don’t miss the Oregon Zoo, which is best known for its Asian elephants and 200 other species. Children can burn off some extra energy in the playground in the park.

Visit The Historic Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion is a beautiful house with no less than 22 rooms. The house regularly hosts exhibits that tell the history of Portland. There is also a permanent display of period furniture, heirlooms donated by Portland families, and family heirlooms from the original Pittock family such as a fine piano, china, and a Masonic sword. In the garden you can walk around in a beautiful garden with different plants and flowers, including roses, but the view here is also impressive. From the house you can also walk in Forest Park, a beautiful park with many trails through the green forest.

Portland Shopping

Portland offers tax-free shopping, for which it is a shopper’s paradise. There are a number of places where you can enjoy shopping. Downtown Portland is home to both big name brands and contemporary boutiques to browse. Northwest-Nob Hill and Lloyd District-NE Broadway are the main shopping areas. A large shopping center with more than 150 stores is Lloyd Center. If you want a break from all that shopping, you can hit the ice rink here or watch a movie in the cinema. If you like to read, don’t miss Powell’s City of Books. In this largest book chain in the world you can choose from more than a million books that are spread over 3500 departments. Have you finally found a book, you can have a cup of coffee in the cafĂ©.

Portland is a relatively quiet city with many green parks. Pioneer Courthouse Square is a beautiful square in the center of the city where concerts and festivals are often held. In the square there is a fountain and a large signpost that indicates the direction of a number of famous world cities. It is a pleasant square where you can look around, but don’t forget to look at the architecture of buildings such as the Jackson Tower.

Portland Oregon International Airport

Portland is located in the US state of Oregon. The coffee and beer culture is paramount here. The city is one big attraction and therefore it is recommended to rent a car to easily reach all the sights. The harbor is a good starting point. Here everything is within reach; the restaurants, shops and people give the harbor a cozy and charming atmosphere. The people are really the most important, because they are very friendly and proud of their own city.

In the Pioneer Courthouse Square it is possible to visit free concerts, flower shows and farmers markets. You can also have a picnic and just relax on the grass. The largest urban park in America, Forest Park, is a great place to walk through. It is also possible to rent a bicycle here and explore the park. In the Pearl District there are a number of microbreweries waiting for you. You can enjoy freshly brewed beer here and explore the cozy district.

Portland Oregon International Airport

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