Swaziland Energy and Environment Facts

Natural resources and energy

Swaziland has assets of coal, diamonds, gold, tin, kaolin (porcelain clay), talc, iron ore and silicic acid, but now only coal, stone and some iron ore is mined. The mining industry’s share of gross domestic product (GDP) has steadily declined ever since the 1960s, from a tenth to less than one percent a few years into the 2010s.

One reason for the downturn in the mining industry is that asbestos, which was previously broken on a large scale, proved to be a health and environmentally hazardous product. Another reason is that several mineral resources, such as diamonds, have started to run out. The most important product from the mining industry is coal, which also exports.

  • COUNTRYAAH: Major exports by Swaziland with a full list of the top products exported by the country. Includes trade value in U.S. dollars and the percentage for each product category.

Electricity is produced at hydro power plants in the Komati River, but most of the electricity must be imported from South Africa. Rural households mainly use wood, coal and oil-based fuels as an energy source.

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Energy use per person

373 kilos of oil equivalent (2007)

Carbon dioxide emissions in total

1 203 thousand tonnes (2014)

Carbon dioxide emissions per inhabitant

0.9 tonnes (2014)



No charge against opposition leaders

The leaders of Pudemo and its youth associations are released after 13 months in detention without trial (see May 2014).


Sentenced journalists are released

The Supreme Court orders that the editor and the chronicler sentenced to two years in prison for court clashes be released (see March 2014).


Democracy meeting stopped

Security forces are preventing Tucoswa from holding a democracy-friendly meeting in Manzini.

Swaziland Energy and Environment Facts

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