Sao Tome and Principe Energy and Environment Facts

Natural resources and energy

Good deposits of both oil and natural gas have been found in the sea off the coast of the country, but no extraction has yet begun. Other natural resources are fertile soil, forest and good fishing waters.

In the late 1990s, significant deposits of oil were found and when test drilling began in 2006, natural gas was also found. Oil companies from primarily the US, Nigeria and Angola are involved in the exploitation of oil resources.

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About 60 percent of the residents have access to electricity. Electricity distribution is uneven and a lot of power is lost due to the electricity grid being degraded and thieves being common. Power outages often occur.

About three-quarters of the electricity is produced in heat plants, which are mainly fired with imported oil. The rest is extracted by hydropower. An expansion of hydropower has begun.

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Energy use per person

275 kilos of oil equivalent (2007)

Carbon dioxide emissions in total

114,000 tonnes (2014)

Carbon dioxide emissions per inhabitant

0.6 ton (2014)

The share of energy from renewable sources

41.1 percent (2015)



Coalition government is added

President Pinto da Costa dismisses the government and proposes attorney Gabriel Ferreira da Costa as new head of government. Ferreira leads the small party UDD, formed by an outbreak of ADI and lacking representation in parliament. Ferreira da Costa was prime minister for a short period of 2002. He now forms a coalition government between MLSTP-PSD, PCD and MDFM (read about the parties under the Political system).


The government is falling down

The opposition shakes Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada’s government in a vote of no confidence in Parliament. Members of all three opposition parties vote to dismiss the minority government.

Sao Tome and Principe Energy and Environment Facts

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