San Marino Overview

Animals and Plants

What is growing in San Marino?

San Marino has mostly forest on its mountain slopes and on the hills. Holm oaks, pines, maples and elms grow here. There is also the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean region, the maquis. These are densely growing bushes, often with thorns and lianas. Bay trees, lavender and myrtle grow here. You can also find olive trees in San Marino. 17 percent of the country’s area is used for agriculture.

Which animals live in San Marino?

Deer and weasels live in the forests of San Marino. Rabbits, foxes, martens and hedgehogs seek closer proximity to people. Birds also live here, such as orioles, nightingales, goldfinches and linnets.

San Marino Animals


Tourism and finance

As a country located in Europe detailed by thereligionfaqs, San Marino’s economy is based on tourism, financial services and handicrafts. Ceramics, tiles, clothing, furniture, bricks and wine are produced. It is mainly exported to Italy.

San Marino’s standard of living is comparable to that of the more affluent areas of Italy. Services make up 60 percent of the entire economy, almost 40 percent come from industry.

Agriculture is only 0.1 percent involved, and very few people work in it (0.2 percent). Grains, grapes, olives and fruits are grown. They also keep pigs and cattle.

With around two million visitors a year, tourism is an important area of ​​the economy. Many visitors come from Italy, where they spend their holidays on the Italian coast and from where they also visit San Marino. There are no border controls.

In San Marino, the euro is used to pay, although the country does not belong to the euro zone.

Everyday Life

Only 33,000 people live in the whole of San Marino. It’s like living in a small town. You know a lot of people, especially in the place where you live. Because only a few thousand people are residents of the towns of San Marino. Nevertheless, you see a lot of strangers every day, because a lot of day tourists come to the country.

Many San Marines therefore also work in the field of tourism. You are a waiter, salesman or museum attendant. You own a shop or a restaurant. But there are also many bankers and accountants. They live in houses like you see them in the photo.

Eating in San Marino

What do you eat in San Marino?

In San Marino you eat very much like in the surrounding Italy. In the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna and Marche, in particular, people eat similarly to San Marino.

For example, you like pasta and pizza. Pizza tastes good here even without tomato sauce, which is then called Fornarina. The pizza is baked only with oil and rosemary. A specialty here, as in nearby Rimini, is pizza with prosciutto crudo, that is, with raw ham. Baked pasta with tomato sauce is called Nidi di Rondine: swallow nests. You can cook them yourself, take a look at our tip !

Piadina is also popular. This is a thin flatbread that is baked in the pan. Flour, water, salt and oil are the only ingredients. You eat the piadina with salad, cheese or sausage, but you can also fill it with it.

Typical meat dishes are rabbit with fennel, quail and veal schnitzel. One also likes fish. Specialties are also bean soup with bacon and noodle soup with chickpeas and garlic.

Three mountains for dessert

A cake is more or less a national dish. It’s called Torta Tre Monti, which means cake of the three mountains. Because there are three mountain peaks in San Marino. You can buy the cake ready-made. Five layers of waffles are filled with a chocolate-nut cream.

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