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Although it was the fantastic amusement parks that attracted millions of vacationers from all over the world to Orlando, the city existed long before the first roller coaster or the first fairytale castle was built here. According to medicinelearners, over the course of more than 150 years, this area has had different names and seen a wide variety of industries come and go. What was a rustic wartime fort in the mid-19th century has grown into one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.

The offers are huge: there are many theme parks for fun – shopping outlets offer excellent offers. Or how about a round of golf on one of the 176 courses? Bringing adventure and fun to the whole family, Orlando creates fond memories that will bring a smile to your face for years to come. There’s also fun at attractions like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a 20-acre island at Universal Orlando Resort, featuring rides, shopping and dining themed around the popular Wizard’s Apprentice.

Orlando information

Location and Size
The city of Orlando is located in Orange County. The greater Orlando area covers a total of around 10,500 km².

More than 2.2 million people live in the greater Orlando area, which includes Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Lake counties. The median age of the residents is a young 36 years.

by Air
Orlando International Airport (MCO) is located 10 miles southeast of Orlando, 12 miles east of International Drive and 20 miles northeast of Walt Disney World Resort.

Annually more than 66 million guests visit the city of Orlando for business or pleasure.

Tourism is Orlando’s largest industry. With nearly 450 hotels and 117,000 guest rooms, Orlando offers a wider range of accommodation than almost any other vacation destination in the world, from luxury resorts and themed hotels to charming B&Bs to simpler, budget hotels or motels and campgrounds. There are also over 23,000 timeshare apartments and houses and more than 23,000 holiday homes.

In Orlando, the weather is tropical all year round with high humidity and high temperatures. Winter is an ideal travel time because it is often so warm that it is possible to go swimming. In spring, humidity and temperatures are higher, towards the end of spring the rainy season begins. There is a possibility of rainfall throughout the year.

Summer in Orlando is always hot with temperatures reaching 90 degrees F and consistently high humidity. Towards the end of autumn the weather becomes more and more pleasant, especially the rainy season ends in October.

Average temperatures in Orlando in °C
Month Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 22 23 26 28 31 33 33 33 32 29 26 23
Min 9 10 13 15 19 22 23 23 22 19 14 11

Since Orlando offers a lot of variety, both in terms of weather and leisure time, clothing should be well chosen. There should always be room in the suitcase for a rain cape and sturdy shoes. During the day, it’s generally best to wear athletic attire in Orlando. For a chic dinner or a cool party night, it is still advisable to take a summer evening dress with you.

Festivals, Events and More
From rodeos and concerts by famous artists to folk festivals of different population groups and artistic performances: Throughout the year, Orlando offers around 450 events for every taste to enrich your vacation.

Orlando, Florida Information

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