Netherlands Culture

The Golden age

The Netherlands is best known for its large number of paintings. The 17th century is considered to be the “Golden Age” in the Netherlands. This period produced well-known artists like Rembrandt von Rijn, whom you may have heard of. It is estimated that around 700 painters completed 70,000 paintings a year at that time. This mass production of art is unparalleled throughout history.

Even during artistically productive times like the Renaissance in Italy or Impressionism in France, there were not such a large number of paintings. Today you will find numerous museums and art exhibitions in the Netherlands where you can admire works from different eras of Dutch painting. Many of the museums offerings are also aimed at children.

Vincent van Gogh

Another world famous artist was born in the Netherlands in the middle of the 19th century: the painter and draftsman Vincent van Gogh. He left numerous works and drawings. Perhaps you’ve seen some of his pictures before. In the Dutch capital Amsterdam, the artist has his own museum, the “Van Gogh Museum”.

Klompen – what is that?

Klompen are a classic Dutch souvenir. These are shoes made entirely of wood. This type of shoe originally comes from France, but nowhere else is it as popular as in the Netherlands.

Each region has its own way of shaping the shoes. Some are pointed, some are round, some are half-open or have a leather strap. They are also painted with a wide variety of patterns. Traditional manufacturers of these shoes praise the health-promoting effect of the shoe, which should train the leg muscles and stabilize the foot. You can try it out.

The Dutch tulips

Actually, tulips come from Turkey and not from the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the plant has been cultivated there for centuries and diligently bred in all its variations. In the tulip season towards the end of March, parts of the Netherlands literally bloom and small seas of tulips emerge. At this time, many tourists also go there to marvel at this tulip wonder. Not least because of the tulip mania in the 17th century, the Netherlands is famous for the flower.

Mudflat hike

The Netherlands is also a popular travel destination for many tourists. Hardly anyone misses a very special experience when visiting the Netherlands: the mudflat hike. Dutch Wadden is part of the UNESCO – World Heritage and has a special nature and biodiversity. Most of them go barefoot on a mudflat hike on the mostly muddy surface, because walking in the mud is considered pleasant and some describe this experience as a real foot massage. Since such a mudflats are flooded depending on the tide, an inexperienced mudflat hiker should definitely take a tour with a guide.

Coffee shops

The Dutch capital Amsterdam in particular is known for its numerous coffee shops. In such cafes, which are actually more like bars, it is not primarily about coffee. The coffee shops were created along with a law passed in 1976. It decided to differentiate between hard and soft drugs in the Netherlands. The risks and addictive potential of drugs have been scientifically investigated. The drug cannabis, for example, is considered a soft drug.

Because many believe that contact with such soft drugs can quickly lead to even more dangerous drugs, attempts have been made to control the intake too strictly. That happens in such coffee shops. Dutch people are allowed to take such drugs here, but they are also checked. Foreigners are actually not allowed to consume this. But there are always tourists who travel to the Netherlands to visit the coffee shops there. We have completely forbidden drugs of this kind.


Many Dutch people like to wear special traditional costumes. People used to wear these special clothes to show where they lived and what social class they belonged to. In everyday life, however, even a Dutch person seldom wears a traditional costume, any more than lederhosen and dirndls are worn in everyday life in Germany. But also in the Netherlands this costume is taken out of the wardrobe on some holidays and displayed with pride.

Netherlands Culture

Everyday Life

More bikes than people

The Netherlands is considered to be the cycling country par excellence and everyone agrees that there are now more bikes than people there. In particular, Amsterdam is famous for its bicycle cult and it even has been a particular bike design that Hollandrad, named after the Netherlands. Dutch bikes are robust and you sit very straight on them. Cyclists in the Netherlands have their own bike lanes and even their own traffic lights.

What sport do the Dutch like?

As a country located in Europe detailed by pharmacylib, the Netherlands largely borders the North Sea. It goes without saying that water sports are very popular there! Unlike in large parts of Europe, the most popular sport here is not soccer, but swimming. Overall, the Dutch like sports without a lot of frills and accessories, for example cycling, jogging and hiking.

Also, speed skating is very popular. When it comes to group sports, the Dutch are also into football. Otherwise, the Dutch like other sports that you may have already tried, such as volleyball or basketball.

She or you?

Just like in Germany, you can either Sieze or Duze your counterpart in the Netherlands. You say it with “u”, which is pronounced like “ΓΌ”. You translate as “jij” or “je”. In the Netherlands, it is customary to use everyday life with people. This includes, for example, colleagues but also often the boss. That has not always been the case, in the sixties of the last century it was even common to sieze one’s own siblings.


There are canals and moats in many cities in the Netherlands. In the past, they were mainly used for transport, whereas today they are the charm of many cities and are beautiful to look at. For tourists Canal cruises, so boat trips on the canals, popular. In winter these canals are often frozen over, which is great for ice skating.


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