Luiza Possi Remember That Scared Neighbor Dressed in Pajamas

In the ‘ Date ‘, singer tells episode in which he took the dogs to pee in the playground of the building and drove the dweller in the elevator

You have problem with your neighbor? In Meeting this Friday (31/7), the guests were told if ever bothered or were disturbed by neighbors. The singer Luiza Possi ended up revealing an image of her, dressed in pajamas and disheveled, which scared the hell out of a resident, who, according to her, was very nice and ended up with a bad impression of her.

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Before leaving the production of the program display the image, she was keen to show that it is beautiful and, with a very good mood, said: “I spent all day making disclosure in 15 radios dressed in ‘ woman-great thing ‘. Was very tired and had to take my dogs to pee. It’s nice not to have to be dressed as a femme fatale at all times and stay that way in the comfort of your home and garage. But entered a neighbor too cat in the elevator. I laughed a lot! He screwed me and asked, ‘ may I know where you’re going so elegant? ‘. I really wanted to find this new neighbour, because he got this bad impression, “said she, who pointed out that still was with bleach in the hands.

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