Krabi Transportation

From Krabi Bus Station to the rest of Krabi

Krabi Bus Station is about five kilometers from Krabi Town. From here you can get to the center of many different bays, but the cheapest is a 50-baht joint ride, which is taken by bus or open bus . It leaves once an hour or when it’s full, and with bad luck, you have to wait for a while.

You can take a tuk log or a flatbed completely for your own use , either alone, with your own crew, or with someone unknown who is also on the way in the same direction. Charter-style tuk-log rental costs depending on where you are going and you can try to bargain. From a tourist, and especially from an inexperienced tourist, you can get more, but it is not worth paying more than 150 baht to the city of Krabi and 200-300 baht to Ao Nang, depending on the location of the hotel.

There is a “Taxi service” next to the front door of the bus station, but it is quite unreliable and it can take a taxi to arrive. The price is usually agreed in advance, and the city of Krabi can be reached by two people for a couple of hundred baht.

Krabi Town Pier

From the rest of Krabi to the city of Krabi

The city of Krabi is diligently coming for a day trip from other parts of Krabi and beyond. There are no similar attractions, shops, restaurants and other services elsewhere, and it is likely that the city of Krabi will be visited several times during your stay.

Many hotels have a taxi service , and if the hotel is remote, it may be the best solution. There are also taxi services in Ao Nang and Krabi, and if you want to return even late in the evening from Krabi town for an evening out, you can arrange a taxi ride there, which is not as cheap as during the day.

The most economical way is to get from Ao Nang by the open-top bus (songthaew) along the boardwalk , which is a common ride throughout Thailand. You can hop on it anywhere, and if the hotel is in Noppharat Thara, you can board the bus, for example, in front of a national park or at the corner, where an open platform curves around the harbor on the road to Krabi town. The bus terminus as well as the departure point is in front of the Vogue department store on the main road, and buses run until 10pm.

The journey between Krabi and Railay

You can go to Railay with many connections but only by sea . Although it is a peninsula, it cannot be reached along roads. Boats there leave from the Krabi riverside , and you can either take your own ride (charter), which costs about 1,500 baht, or you can go with others, but the boat waits so long that there are 8 passengers. Such a joint ride costs 150 baht per passenger and takes 40 minutes. .

If you want to visit Railya from the city of Krabi and return, you can buy a ticket at one of the numerous travel agencies and other points, which are just around the market hall and on the promenade. A return trip to Railay costs 300 baht, and like other boats leaving the city of Krabi, it goes to the pier to the east of Railay (Hat Railay East).

From Ao Nang you can get to Railay on the quarter and cheaper (100 baht), but boats have to walk in the water and there is no pier. In this way, it is worth investing in footwear and accessories in Ao Nang in a long-tailed boat. Noppharat Thara, next to Ao Nang, also has similar access to Railay.

Boats to Railay

From the islands to Krabi

There are islands off Krabi that make it easy to navigate not only to Krabi town but also to Noppharat Thara next to Ao Nang. The islands with the best access to Krabi are Koh Lanta and Koh Phi-Phi.

Krabi Town Pier

Krabi Town Pier is the best place to arrive or depart for Koh Lanta or Koh Phi-Ph . Tickets are available from almost anywhere but also from the port (Kong Ka or Khong Kha) , and tickets are also easily available from Koh Lanta or Koh Phi-Ph. There are usually only one departures a day, one ticket costs 350 baht and the journey takes two hours one way.

Noppharat Thara Pier

If you prefer Hat Noppharat Thara from the islands, which is 19 km from Krabi town and next to Ao Nang, you will get there and leave from there. The port of Noppharat Thara is a place with a wide variety of boats and where it is good to visit even those vacationing in Ao Nang and interested in various ships, even if there is nowhere to go.

The terminal itself is a fine modern building, but the local style of its interior is dark and “tourist info” can’t really give any sensible information. Ships arrive at the port from Koh Phi-Phi (2 hours), Koh Lanta (2 ½ hours) and also from Phuket, where there will be speedboats. The sea voyage between Krabi and Phuket is just over an hour, and there is also a slower vessel that travels in three hours. Tickets are easily available from travel agencies on the islands, Krabi and Phuket, and tickets are also available from Noppharat Thara Port.

The third place you can get to, which is the main pier in the Krabi area, is Klong Jilad, which, however, is a distance from Krabi town or other main places.

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