Hotels in Gdansk

This is where the hotel should be located

  • City center and old town– Find a hotel in the center of Gdansk, and preferably in the old town, if you want to live close to sights, restaurants, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Remember that the city’s historic center (Mariacka district) is not the same as the old town of Gdansk, but virtually all hotels within here are good choices. The marina is perhaps the best starting point. Most of this area has been renovated, and appears to be perhaps the most beautiful and cleanest part of the city center. Of course, there are also many good hotels here, in all price ranges.
  • Olowianka and Wyspa Spichrzow– Just across the bridges from the old town are the island of Oliwianka and the peninsula Wyspa Spichzrow, which divides the river in two. This area has also flourished in recent years. The old grain warehouses and department stores have been refurbished, and are today apartment complexes, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and much more. Here it is a little quieter at night, but you still live centrally and well in relation to everything you want to experience.
  • Sopot and Brzezno– According to Abbreviation Finder, between Gdansk and Gdynia (also a city worth visiting), is the historic spa and seaside resort of Sopot. Living here is a good alternative if you travel during the summer, and want to combine a city break with swimming. This is also a good option for those traveling with children. From Central Station it takes no more than 20 minutes by train to Sopot. If you think it’s a little too far, Brzezno might be a better choice. It is shorter there, the beach is about as beautiful and you will find many good hotels there.
  • Oliwa and Przymorze– There are also some good hotels in the area around Oliwa Park and the Przymorze district. Here it is quieter at night, you live close to many sights, have a short way to both the center and the beaches, and can get you some very nice walks in green surroundings.

Hotels in Gdansk

Recommended hotels in Gdansk

  • Hotel Gdańsk– Great five star hotel known for its nice location by the harbor. The hotel has a full-service spa and several bars and restaurants. From here you are only a few minutes walking distance to most attractions.
  • Puro Gdańsk Stare Miasto– Modern and very nice four star hotel in a central location. Known for its good breakfast, friendly staff and consistently high standards.
  • IBB Hotel Dlugi Targ– A little cheaper than the first two, but also this hotel has a very good standard. The hotel is modern and located in the middle of nowhere in Gdansk. Here you get a lot for your money!
  • Sofitel Grand Sopot– Five star luxury hotel right on the beach in Sopot. A venerable classic, top service, own spa, all other facilities, and a price level that is very low in relation to what you get for your money.

Health conditions

The drinking water is safe, but may not taste as good as here at home. Bottled water is therefore recommended. In terms of health, there is otherwise no big difference between Norway and Poland. You are entitled to the same medical assistance as the Poles, in that the country is a member of the EU (with which Norway cooperates through the EEA). Bring a European Health Insurance Card, and have adequate travel insurance.

If you want to combine a visit to Gdansk with hunting in Poland, a rabies vaccine is recommended.

Climate in Gdansk

The climate and weather in the city can in many ways be compared to the Norwegian, and tourists prefer to travel here in the three summer months from June to August. The summer is usually quite nice in Gdansk, and the location by the Baltic Sea means that it rarely gets too hot. Spring and autumn are also good times in terms of weather.

In fact, January is one of the busiest months in the city. This may be because the winter in Gdansk rarely gets extreme. The average temperature in January and February is around zero degrees, while in March the degree rises to around 4 degrees on average. Average temperatures include night, so such numbers are not bad at all.


Gdansk is a generally safe city to stay in. Serious crime such as violence and robbery is something tourists are exposed to very rarely. Even on the pickpocket front, Gdansk is considered a safer city than many others it is natural to compare with. What you have to take care of is what you also take care of in cities like Bergen and Oslo.

  • Pocket Theft– Take care of your valuables in crowded areas. Most cases of pickpocketing take place at the sights, because there are often crowds of tourists. There is also some theft on the beaches of Gdansk. Leave your valuables in the hotel safe if you are going to the beach, or make sure that not everyone in the party is bathing at the same time, while the valuables are left on the beach.
  • Credit card fraud– There is credit card fraud, but this is almost always at dubious bars, and where the cardholder acts carelessly. To avoid such situations, even in the less dubious bars, just pay with cash. Also be aware that scammers may pretend to be police officers, hotel receptionists, bank employees, or anything else, and ask them to provide card numbers in some fictitious context. You should never do that. Also watch out for so-called skimming equipment at ATMs, even this does not happen that often.
  • On the beaches– A fact you should be aware of if you visit Gdansk in the summer, and have in mind one of the beautiful beaches, is that there can be strong currents in the Baltic Sea. Swim on beaches that have their own lifeguards, and follow their directions.
  • In nightclubs– Although rare, tourists have been drugged in nightclubs. The standard is that they are then stolen valuables, or have been exposed to card fraud of one kind or another. Take care of your drink, and do not give anyone the opportunity to drop anything on it.

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