Friborg, Switzerland

People speak in Freiburg Germanand French. The canton is located in the west of the Swiss Confederation and its capital is Friborg. The canton of Friborg is the eighth largest canton of the Switzerland and covers a total of 1,671 square kilometers.

Another characteristic of the canton of Friborg is that it is a bilingual canton. The official languages ​​used here are German and French. The French-speaking population is predominant.
Freiburg can be roughly divided into two areas. The typical Swiss plateau is located in the northern and western parts. In the southern part lies the area that is part of the Swiss Pre-Alps.
In Friborg there is the Vanil Voir, which at 2,389 meters is the highest point in the canton.

The canton of Friborg borders the canton of Vaud and the canton of Bern. In the north is the Lake Neuchâtel, which borders the Canton of Neuchâtel. As a medium-sized canton, Friborg has a lot to offer and is in no way inferior to its larger neighbors. What to see in Freiburg? No problem. There is a reconstructed pile dwelling, the Pré de Riva. This is in Gletterens near Vallon and is located south of Lake Neuchâtel. At the height of the A5 tunnel, in the canton of Neuchâtel, is the Laténium archaeological park in Hauterive.

The canton does not have to fear for its future. The average age is far below that of the other cantons. Over 260,000 people live and work in the region. The population is believed to grow sharply over the next few years, rising to 300,000. This is not least due to the canton’s favorable location.

The canton and its capital

The canton of Friborg is closely linked to its capital, which is also called Friborg. Here you will also find the best tourist opportunities and offers. The medieval city center of Freiburg is particularly worth seeing which in this form is one of the largest in Europe. The location of the old town is also attractive. It is located at a height of 581 meters on a ledge. For the builders at the time, this was a true architectural masterpiece. For this reason alone, the sight of the city is so popular as a postcard motif.

The so-called Burgquartier is located in the center of the old town. The walls of this quarter date partly from the year 1200. In addition, the town hall is a real crowd puller. It was built on the ruins of the Zähring castle in the 16th century. Further sights of the city of Freiburg are the Rathausplatz with the Georgsbrunnen and the Post house from the years 1756 – 1758. Freiburg has a lot to offer in terms of architecture, there are many architectural monuments (especially from the Baroque and Classicism). Famous buildings that feature both styles are the town house from 1731 and the state chancellery (built 1734-1737). In good weather you should climb the tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral and enjoy the magnificent view over the city.

Friborg, Switzerland

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