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Typical Denmark

What is a nit? – Danish goblins

A nit is a Danish leprechaun. The name is the nickname of Nils and that is the abbreviation of Nikolaus. Nits are as big as children, but still rather old men. You are wearing a red cap. Nits protect a family home and especially take care of the pets. You have to treat your own nit well, otherwise it will play tricks or go away! The house is also known as Nis Puk. In addition to him there are other nits, such as the Christmas nudes that helps Santa Claus or the church nits that helps the pastor.

Vacation homes

Around 3.4 million tourists come to Denmark every year. They come mainly from Norway, Sweden and Germany. Most of them spend the night in campsites and holiday homes. In Denmark there are whole settlements with only holiday homes. These houses are very typical of Denmark. Incidentally, the Danes themselves often own their own holiday home, in which they then spend their holidays.


Hygge means as much as comfort or serenity. There is actually no direct translation. So the word has found its way to us and stands for a certain lifestyle. Satisfaction and happiness are just as much a part of it as a cozy home. Hygge is just – typically Danish! Make it hyggelig for yourself !

Smörrebröd, liquorice and red hot dogs

There is of course also typical Danish food. The best known is the Smörrebröd: lavishly topped slices of bread, for which you can find a recipe here. At every corner you can get hot dogs, which are inevitably filled with Røde Pølser. This is the name of the red sausages that are part of a hot dog here.

Liquorice and soft ice cream enjoy great popularity among sweet things. There is even a combination, as you can see in the photo. You can find a recipe for cakes with liquorice under the participation tip from Iceland !


The Danish flag is omnipresent. You always discover the red and white cloth somewhere. The Danes even hang small flags of their country on their Christmas trees. Many families also have their own flagpole. The flag is then hoisted on private occasions like on official occasions such as the Queen’s birthday.

And what else is typically Danish?

Cycling is also typically Danish. A lot of Danes ride bikes and love it. The Danes are also known for being child-friendly. There are play areas and high chairs in every restaurant. Children are welcome everywhere. And the Danes like to say tak – that means thank you! You hear it all the time in Denmark, the Danes are especially polite. Many English words are also typical. Some terms don’t even exist in Danish. So a lighter is a lighter and the weekend is the weekend.

Eating in Denmark

What do you eat in Denmark?

Fish and meat are often on the menu in Denmark, a country located in Europe detailed by ehealthfacts. The cooking is rather hearty. Side dishes are often potatoes, also in the form of mashed potatoes. Roast pork with rind and served with potatoes and brown sauce are considered a national dish and a typical meal on Christmas Eve. Baked goods and dairy products come in a variety of forms.

Morning, noon, evening

Breakfast is called Morgensmad in Danish. Most Danes eat bread with cheese or jam in the morning. Children love Pålæg chocolate on bread: chocolate slices. Muesli or cornflakes are an alternative to breakfast.

At lunchtime, the frozen food (lunch) is a cold meal or snack, while the evening meal is warm. The main meal is dinner (aftensmad). But it is also called Middagsmad. The confusing play on words comes about because you used to have the most important meal at noon.


The most famous Danish food is probably the smörrebröd. These are sandwiches with rich sandwiches. It is traditionally eaten for lunch and is usually eaten with a knife and fork. There is hardly any other way, because the topping is really lush. There are no limits to your imagination. In the photo you can see, for example, smörrebröd with salmon (left), with roast pork (middle) and with roast beef (right). And what is Sol over Gudhjem – sun over Gudhjem? Also a smörrebröd! It consists of brown bread with smoked herring, onions, chives, radishes and raw egg yolks. Gudhjem is a place on the Danish island of Bornholm. Would you like to prepare smörrebröd yourself? Then take a look at our participation tip !

Hot Dog – with Rød pølse

Hot dogs are available all over Denmark. The sausage that goes into the bun is always a rød pølse, a red sausage. The boiled sausage is colored red and offered either boiled or fried. Roasted onions, sweet and sour cucumber slices and tartar sauce belong in the Danish hot dog.

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