Croatia Culture and Food

Traditions and Festivals

Dance and costumes

Not everyone in Germany likes folk dances or folk songs. It is different in Croatia. Many more people, including the younger ones, appreciate these old songs and especially folk dance is very popular.

At folk festivals, people like to wear the old folk costumes, which differ depending on the region. The men by the sea often wear blue trousers that come down to their ankles and a shirt with a vest, a wide silk belt and a red cap. There are also stockings made of cotton and shoes with straps. The costumes of Croatia are most similar to the Hungarian, Polish, Czech or Slovak costumes.

Every year an important folklore festival takes place north of Zagreb, to which people from many countries around the world travel. Here dances, clothes and music are shown, played and of course danced to.

Open air

Pula, with its 2000 year old arena, serves as the backdrop for open-air events that take place during film festivals with an international character.

Modern Croatia and festivals

But Croatia not only pays attention to folklore and tradition. Music festivals that take place every year in the larger towns, especially those by the sea, are very typical of modern Croatia, a country located in Europe detailed by computergees. There is music here, sometimes classic, sometimes modern, but theater events and classical concerts can also be attended.

Carnival in Croatia?

Did you know that Carnival is also celebrated in Croatia? Especially in the city of Rijeka there is a famous carnival parade with many participants from abroad and from home.

Modern Croatia and festivals

Eating in Croatia

What do people eat in Croatia?

Croatian food In the Croatian cuisine, the influences of the Slavic neighboring states are particularly evident. In the interior, however, you eat different dishes than on the coast. Of course, there are also many Croatian specialties that come from the “Yugoslav cuisine”. Croatia used to belong to Yugoslavia, you can find out more about it under “History and Politics”.

What do you eat in the countryside in Croatia?

In the rural regions there is mainly meat, legumes and dishes based on grain. These are typical Croatian dishes. The Austro-Hungarian cuisine in particular has left its mark here. Hearty dishes are often served in winter. There are also substantial and often spicy sauces. The Croatian dishes are prepared in a special saucepan. Goulash and paprika – actually well known from Hungarian cuisine – are very common, but they are also typically Croatian.

Typical Croatian dishes:

Fish paprikash, also a stew, is typical of this Croatian cuisine. Here, however, meat is replaced by freshwater fish – mostly carp. Shtrukli are also typical. These are filled pasta pockets that you know from us as ravioli, but which here are baked and filled with cheese. But there are also sweet variations here.

Especially popular with children is the Zagorje Strude l, a pancake that is filled with fresh soft cheese, honey and delicious nuts. Strudel is also an Austrian specialty, but is also known for Croatian cuisine.

Fish and vegetable soup: typical Croatian cuisine

On the Adriatic coast of Croatia, of course, fresh fish is also on the table in Croatian cuisine. Some species are called barbels, breams, sole and St. Peter’s fish. Clams and squids are also very popular. Eating a lobster or lobster in Croatia is also not a problem, you can order it in a restaurant.

In Istria and Dalmatia, i.e. on the coast, there are also many influences from Italian cuisine. This is what a certain soup is called Manistra. It is cooked from legumes and vegetables. Here, too, the name is reminiscent of the Italian minestrone, a well-known vegetable soup.

Mixed grill plates: meat!

Mixed grill plates are typical for Croatia. Usually there are the popular French fries. Different types of meat are then on such a plate, it can be pork or veal.

Then there are the popular Ćevapčići, meat rolls made from mixed minced meat. Raznjici are small skewers and pljeskavica something similar with us the meatballs. You can order all of this in Croatia in different versions. And don’t forget the fries!

Typically Croatian: delicious bread

You can find bread in many varieties, such as pita bread, a flatbread made from yeast dough that is eaten as far as the Middle East. In Turkey it is called Pide. It can be served with all meals. Pogatschen are also popular, they are round, salted pastries. In Croatian they are called Pogaca.

Drinking coffee is also a tradition in Croatia

Croatians like to drink coffee. That too has to do with the story. In Croatia you can always find coffee houses that are very similar to a typical coffee house in Vienna.

By the way, if you want to cook a real Croatian specialty like sarma, then have a look at our Croatia tip. Here you can find a recipe from Croatian cuisine.

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