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All cities and resorts in Kenya for travel. List of the most famous regions, regions, cities and resorts of Kenya: population, codes, distances, best descriptions and reviews of tourists.

Holidays in Kenya

The most amazing and dynamically developing country of the African continent. Ancestral home of mankind. Safari capital of the world. Former British colony, now an independent state. All this is Kenya. Check clothesbliss for how to get to Kenya.

Kenya is good all year round, here every tourist will find a vacation to his taste. Who likes to roast in the sun and swim in the sea – a serene vacation in a sun lounger on the beaches recognized as the best on the Indian coast. If you want to tickle your nerves – a safari in the territory belonging to the true inhabitants of the African savannas, namely, predatory lions, leopards and panthers, peaceful elephants, giraffes and zebras.

Those who love to discover unexplored corners of nature can go on a journey to snow-capped peaks or valleys hidden in the craters of dormant volcanoes. Those who prefer everything unusual will definitely choose a hot air balloon flight over the African savannah, a camel ride, surfing, diving and snorkeling. Kenya is a country of vibrant and diverse recreation, original and exotic in its own way, but, nevertheless, not without modern amenities: comfortable hotels, restaurants, shops.


“Land of elephants under the banner of Kilimanjaro”, Amboseli National Park covers an area of ​​400 square meters. km. The most notable local inhabitants are, of course, elephants, but apart from them, the expanses of the park are very densely populated by zebras and antelopes, big cats, hyenas and many small mammals. A nice bonus is that hiking is allowed in the reserve, accompanied by a guide: you can literally follow in the footsteps of animals. Due to the dry climate, the abundance of fauna is somewhat offset by the more ascetic local landscape than in other parks.

In Amboseli, significant temperature fluctuations are possible during the day: about + 40 ° C during the day and + 5 ° C at night – be sure to stock up on warm clothes.

How to get there

The nearest city is Namanga, on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. From Nairobi, you can get to Namanga by bus or “matatu”, and from there you can get to the reserve by taxi or shuttle. Directly on the territory of Amboseli there is a landing strip for light aircraft (charters or private jets).

Campsites and lodges

There are enough options: “folk” campsites, safari lodges of various levels, five-star tents with richly furnished rooms and all amenities, as well as private “luxury camps”.

Ol Tukai Lodge is considered one of the best hotels in Africa for watching elephants “from the bed” due to the nearby watering hole.

Visiting Rules

Permission to enter Amboseli costs 90 USD. Unlike other national parks, Amboseli is not forbidden to move on foot: of course, in strictly designated areas. In this case, it is necessary to inform the leader of the group (or the staff of the lodge) about the route and duration of the trip.


On the territory of the Watamu Marine National Park, there is a cozy resort of the same name – a suitable vacation spot for those who want to enjoy the peace and beauty of the ocean. At the very edge of the beaches there are mangrove forests, in which dozens of species of animals and birds live, and in the coastal waters there is an amazing kingdom of coral reefs. For lovers of the underwater world, glass-bottom boat trips and dive safaris are organized here.

How to get there

Watamu, Kenya’s first marine national park (which was founded, for a moment, already in 1968) is located just 28 km south of the city of Malindi and 120 km north of the large island city of Mombasa. The nearest airport is in Malindi, from where it is better to take a transfer or taxi. Public transport in Kenya is not very popular with pampered pale-skinned tourists.

Weather in Watamu

It is very humid and always hot in Watamu – even the water temperature here in the local winter (from June to November) does not fall below +20 ºC. In the summer, from December to May, you won’t be able to refresh yourself even in the ocean – the average thermometer will hang at +34 ºC.

Watamu Hotels

Located in two bays, Turtle Bay (Turtle Bay) and Blue Lagoon (Blue Lagoon), the local hotels are buried in the greenery of tropical gardens. They offer their guests excellent service (including the organization of excursions), spacious rooms, good cuisine and entertainment for every taste.


Diving in Watamu is the main and favorite pastime. Local coral reefs stretch for 300 meters from the coast and are considered one of the most beautiful in the whole country. There are over 150 corals alone (both hard and soft), as well as 500 species of fish and 20 species of squid. The “mastodons” of the Watam variety include the octopus, barracuda, stingray, and whale shark.

Fauna of Watamu

However, the national park is famous not only for its underwater life. The creatures living on the surface are no less interesting. More than 100 species of birds nest in the local mangroves (both the black kite, and the African clawed cuckoo, and, please don’t laugh, the bearded bulbul). In the bushes you can see the yellow-bellied canary finch.

More than 100 species of birds nest in the local mangroves – the black kite, the African clawed cuckoo, and, please don’t laugh, the bearded bulbul.

And directly on the beaches of Watamu, green, olive and hawksbill turtles like to lay eggs.

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