Cities and Attractions in Croatia

The most beautiful cities in Croatia


Game of Thrones filming location

Dubrovnik is an amazing holiday destination! Here you will find a medieval old town , pretty beaches and exciting historical buildings .

One or the other sight – like the Lovrijenak Fortress or the nearby island of Lokrum – you might know from Game of Thrones.

The city is located in southern Croatia and is therefore a great starting point for visiting the neighboring countries of Serbia and Montenegro.

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Port city and transport hub

According to Phone Just, Split is located in the southern part of Croatia and also directly on the Mediterranean Sea.

The port city is home to well-known sights such as Diocletian ‘s Palace , the city’s cathedral and the long Riva promenade.

From Split you can make a wonderful day trip to the Krka waterfalls .


Coastal town with ruins and historical buildings

Pula is located in the northern coastal region of Istria and is especially known for its amphitheatre .

The imposing structure from Roman times is still very well preserved. So good, in fact, that concerts, operas and other cool events are held here regularly .


Great old town

Rovinj is just over 30 kilometers north of Pula , which is why the two places can be combined in one holiday.

The cute fishing village used to be an island that later connected to the mainland.

The highlight of Rovinj is definitely the old town by the sea . The houses make a wonderful photo motif – especially from the water.


Exceptional architecture

The old town of Zadar is located on a peninsula and is full of cool sights.

Of all the attractions, we are particularly fascinated by the Sea Organ. This is a seafront stairway that produces music through the swell. You can even enter it – pretty cool!

Right next to it is the Greeting to the Sun – several hundred glass panels on the floor, which create a great spectacle of colors at night.


Capital of Croatia

For a change, the Croatian capital is not on the sea, but in the middle of the country. With a good 800,000 inhabitants , it is the largest city in Croatia.

Zagreb is home to the world’s shortest funicular and beautiful buildings such as the Cathedral and St. Mark’s Church .

And even though it’s a capital, Zagreb isn’t overrun with tourists yet – that’s really nice!

The most beautiful beaches in Croatia

If you love sandy beaches, then Croatia should probably not be at the top of the list, because here you will find mainly pebbly beaches – but there are still a few sandy exceptions.

Of course, pebbly beaches also have their advantages – the water is mostly crystal clear and turquoise blue . For photographers in particular, this is simply a dream.

Zlatni Rat

One of the most beautiful!

For us, this beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe . You won’t find this unusual shape of a beach anywhere else in the world.

Zlatni Rat is on the island of Brac and the water shines in a gorgeous turquoise.

Incidentally, the tip sometimes protrudes in one direction, sometimes in the other – it depends on the water level.

Plaza Banje

City beach in Dubrovnik

We also consider the Plaža Banje beach in Dubrovnik one of the most beautiful in Europe. And even if you can hardly believe it: It is actually made of sand .

We especially like that it is so close to the old town of Dubrovnik and still beautiful – this is usually not the case with city beaches.

Of course, the fantastic location also has its price. And that means getting up early – because the later you come, the narrower and fuller it gets.

Punta Rata

Dream beach south of Split

Another dream beach is in Brela and is called Punta Rata. Here you will also find very clean, turquoise water where you can snorkel wonderfully.

Conservation is very important here and rubbish is an absolute no-go.

Another plus point are the shady trees on the beach – you can protect yourself from sunburn there.


Caribbean flair

This paradise beach is located on the island of Dugi Otok in front of Zadar.

There are no hotels on the bay and in the low season you can enjoy the peace and quiet on this dream beach.

We recommend a day tour from Zadar by kayak to explore not only Sakarun but also the paradise island of Dugi Otok .

The most beautiful national and nature parks in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes

Oldest and largest national park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is located between Zagreb and Zadar , in the interior of Croatia.

Here you will find countless beautiful lakes, waterfalls and mountains . A real dream if you love nature.

The national park is not only beautiful in the summer months. It can also transform into a beautiful winter landscape and is a great travel destination all year round.


Seven impressive waterfalls

We already mentioned the Krka National Park above. Because this is the easiest place to get to from Split.

The mighty waterfalls of Krka are among the most popular destinations for excursions and photo opportunities in Croatia.

But there is much more to discover in the national park. There are great hiking trails and vantage points here – even off the beaten track.


Archipelago of over 80 islands

The Kornati National Park includes a whole group of islands and offers fantastic conditions for cool activities.

Whether hiking, diving or sailing – if you like to be active, you will definitely find the right thing for you here.

The impressive Kronen cliffs are particularly well known in the national park .


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