Cielo Asks for Cancellation of Records Won with Special Swimsuits

Olympic and world swimming champion C├ęsar Cielo has called for all records earned using high-tech outfits to be canceled now that the sport has returned to the old fabric outfits.

Cielo, who holds world records for the 50m and 100m freestyle, said the times were now irrelevant, given last year’s decision to ban polyurethane suits in competitions from the beginning of this year.

“The times we did last year should be reversed,” Cielo told reporters after finishing third in the men’s 100 meter freestyle final during the Pan-Pacific Swimming Championships on Thursday. “It’s just messing up everybody’s head.”

The decision to ban the use of technology suits was made by the international body that controls the sport after 43 records were beaten at the World Swimming Championships last year by swimmers wearing state-of-the-art suits.

Cielo has achieved all of its best times by wearing special swimsuits that help you reduce water resistance and increase buoyancy.

He hit the world record of 100 meters with 46.91 seconds at last year’s World Championship in Rome and won the 50 meters record with 20.91 seconds in December in Brazil.

“I do not see a reason to keep a world record of 46.9 seconds if we’re barely beating the 48 seconds,” Cielo said. “The most important thing is to win, not to beat a world record.”