Catrice 3 Step Nail System & Amp

From Catrice, there have been some new products since January and I have been keeping an eye on the nail polish and the new Revolutionary 3 Step Nail System. Diana had the great pleasure to go to the Catrice Event in Munich and to try out the new range already there. Afterwards, I was able to choose a few pieces from their goodies to test them for you. Almost at the same time, we both got a very special surprise, each one could choose a watch from Daniel Wellington. Which Diana selected has already betrayed in your week retrospect, mine you find here in the Post In the selection of the nail varnish I have adapted colorfully to this piece of jewelry and practical it were also exactly the varnish, which I in other reviews already than bookable would have.

First I chose 80 Blurred Limes, along with the Catrice Ultrastay & Gel Shine Revolutionary 3 Step System. My problem is simple, I have after 3 days mostly so violently s.einen a color fed up and am therefore actually not exactly with the argument “holds up to 10 days” catch. Now there are just as exceptions as carnivals or festivals, because I like the thought that the nails all the time look good according to ENTERTAINMENTDNS.

In this photo I had painted the nail varnish for 4 days and then he just had to go down. The color made me very annoyed with the dreary weather and at least with me, the paint had already a few usage traces. And here is the jumping point, he would have also with my completely normal under and over paint. For me the  Revolutionary 3 Step System  is a good alternative but it could not convince me. What is your experience here?

Since I am on a nail polish now color and opacity is the most important I have just made joyful to the next color. This time then 86 (S) wimbledon that this hue fits awesome to my new watch.With the code 1501ineedsunshine, by the way, you get a 15% discount on your purchase at out site.

With this very pretty blue, I was able to show myself more conciliatory and  carry it on the nails for almost a whole week with the  Revolutionary 3 Step System. This in turn I like super, no matter what color, you can always use the  Revolutionary 3 Step System. But also with the second test I had after a few days the normal normal traces and small varnish.

Finally, all colors next to each other. I still like them very much and after Fasching I will test 81 My Yellow Fellow with the  Revolutionary 3 Step System. And to lose another word to the new brush of Catrice. First I was a bit irritated, from the form he is still like the old only a few thinner or flatter? No matter, the application ran super easy (I was personally always fromCatrice accustomed) and without major flaws. So I can recommend you the varnish warmly and am curious, whether you have made with the Revolutionary 3 Step System better, similar or even worse experiences.

Here are the prices:

Step1: UltraStay & Gel ShineBase Coat 10ml for 3,49 € MSRP

Step2: UltimateNailLacquer. There are 45 colors to choose from, 10ml for 2.79 € UVP

Step3: UltraStay & GelShineTopCoat 10ml for 3,49 € MSRP