Belgrade as a Destination

Going to Belgrade on vacation will mean a trip to the capital of Serbia. In this city there is plenty for all tourists to experience and see. The main reason for this is that we have still not reached the point of frequent travel in the eastern bloc of Europe. In any case, today many people take this step and experience the actually wonderful culture and all the sights that exist. Something that will also surprise many is that there is so much good food that they have never seen before. Yes, it is quite simply that this part of the world has a lot to offer.

As a city, Belgrade will have about 1.4 million inhabitants, which makes this city slightly larger than Stockholm in terms of population. Here you will also find a very iconic landmark. This is the large and well-preserved fort Belgrade Tvrdava. Yes, it does not matter if you can pronounce it or not. This is about visiting and seeing this historic place. The fort is strategically located on the edge of the city where the rivers Danube and Sava meet. Besides this you will find lots of wonderful things to see and do in Belgrade. How about very nice spa treatments, a fun nightlife and the opportunity for good shopping?

Hotels in Belgrade

As usual, you have to stay somewhere on your vacation. When it comes to Belgrade, you will find different types of hotels, which are then available in a number of different price ranges. In fact, this city offers well over 500 different hotels to book for your trip. One thing that is clear is that you can actually live very well in Belgrade for a very easy price. You who want to save money for other things on the trip can get away with as little as 250-300 kronor per night, while those who want it a little more exclusive can count on a cost from 600 kronor and up.

Belgrade as a Destination

Belgrade attractions

As mentioned in the introduction to this general information about Belgrade, the biggest attraction will be the Belgrade Fortress, which was actually built 535 years before Christ. However, there is more available and you can see some of these places below.

  • Kalemegdan Park: Here you are met by a wonderful park with a fantastic nature, which meets the spectacle of old cannons and stairs as well as smaller buildings with several 100 years on the neck. In this park there is also a zoo, and you get a fantastic view of the Belgrade
  • Church of Saint Sava: this very stately building is located on the Vracar plateau in Belgrade. This is a Serbian Orthodox church, which is actually one of the largest in the world in its field of activity. Truly something beautiful you must not miss, even if you are not religious.
  • Ada Ciganlija: This beautiful island located in the center of Belgrade located in the Sava River, will be a given excursion destination for those who have some time left in the day. Here you can bring some good things and a wonderful drink, to sit down with a small picnic in the middle of the open in the capital.

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