Attractions of Bahrain

One of the places of worship in Bahrain is the Barbar Temple complex, located in the town of the same name. Buildings dating back to the 2nd and 3rd millennium BC have been preserved here! You can get acquainted with the local culture at the Seyadi House or “Seyadi House”, it is one of the best examples of Bahraini architecture, built in the early 20th century. No less interesting is the island of Al Muharraq, rich in examples of local architecture. Here are the house of Sheikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa (XIX century), the Kalat-Arad Fort (XVI century) and the Abu Mahir Fort (XVI century). Al-Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve near the city of Hamad is one of the most visited places in Bahrain. This wonderful oasis contains more than 500 species of animals and birds, including Arabian oryx, desert porcupines, Arabian gazelles and many others. Camels are, of course, an attraction of Bahrain in their own right, tourist rides on them are very common here. The largest concentration of these amazing animals, more than 400 individuals, can be found at the Camel Farm, where all the animals are next to the visitors, if you wish, you can feed them from your hands. Originality is distinguished by the next attraction of the country – the Tree of Life. This acacia tree, which is older than all people on the planet, has been standing alone in the desert for more than 400 years and is considered the last tree from the legendary gardens of Eden. The Tree of Life grows near the “Mountain of Smoke” or Jabal al-Dukhan, the highest point in the country, on which the first oil well in Bahrain is located. No less interesting attraction of Bahrain is the monumental complex “Royal Graves” near the village of A’ali, which houses the burial places of revered monks of antiquity. For boundless peace and rich nature, you should go to the Hawar archipelago, which consists of 16 islands with pristine sand dunes, clear sea and palm groves. You can’t do without shopping in Bahrain, look at the central market of Manama Bab Al Bahrain, as well as at the Gold Souq, where you can enrich yourself with beautiful gold items. The center of folk crafts (Handicraft Center) in a place called Al-Jasra is very interesting. Here, according to ancient technologies, handicrafts are made from palm leaves, pottery, models of traditional dhow boats and much more. Racing fans should not miss the Formula 1 Grand Prix, taking place at the Sakhir circuit right in the middle of the desert. Coral reef diving, pearl diving, falconry, impromptu racing in high-speed BMW cars, desert racing and other exotic entertainments are also very popular in Bahrain.

National cuisine of Bahrain

According to ethnicityology, Bahrain is famous for its original cuisine rich in meat, seafood, rice and of course spices! It is impossible to forget the taste of local cuisine; Bahraini dishes are bright and spicy. Most of them are cooked on an open fire or in an oven by stewing. Classical dishes for the national cuisine of Bahrain can be called such dishes as “mahbus” – fish or meat with rice, “dajaj” – chicken stewed in tomato sauce, “yakhni” – meat stewed with vegetables, “tikka” – local barbecue with greens and spices, as well as lamb cutlets, all kinds of pilaf, falafel, shawarma and other goodies. Like other Arab countries, Bahrain is famous for its sweets, made mainly from fruits, dried fruits, honey and nuts. Try baklava, sherbet, “muhammar” – brown sweet rice with dates. By the way, dates occupy a special place in the local cuisine, in what variants they only do not meet here! Date purée is often used to preserve foods. It is impossible to do without coffee in Bahrain, locals drink it always and everywhere, this is a real cult, and refusing an offer to drink coffee can be regarded as disrespectful. Coffee is prepared here in various variations, often adding spices. Unlike many Muslim countries, alcohol is sold in Bahrain, preference is given to beer and local vodka made from anise “arak”, but it is forbidden to drink them in public places and openly carry them down the street. Please note that the day before any religious holiday in the country, the sale of alcohol is completely stopped. In addition, Bahrain is famous for the variety of restaurants of all cuisines of the world, which are of the highest quality. Here you can try both Arabic and Asian,


Bahrain’s national airline is Gulf Air, with which you can easily get to your destination. Flights from Moscow to Manama (the capital of Bahrain) are carried out by it regularly in conjunction with other airlines and with one transfer, most often in Cairo, Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi or Istanbul. The ticket price will be from 210 euros and more. The country has one largest airport in the region, Bahrain International Airport. Bahrain can also be reached by land from Sudovskaya Arabia, with Bahrain it is connected by the 29-kilometer King Fahd Causeway through the Persian Gulf. It can be overcome by bus or rented car. There are regular ferries from Bandar Abbas in Iran to Manama, the capital of Bahrain, with a journey time of approximately 19 hours and a fare of US$90 one way. Public transport in Bahrain is not widespread, most locals prefer private cars, but passenger buses still operate in the country. They cover all the main settlements and are reasonably priced, but their schedules and routes can be quite confusing for a tourist. Much more often, foreign guests in Bahrain use taxis, most taxis go by the meter, but if they try to cheat you, it’s enough to threaten to contact the police and the problem will be solved. Car rental is no less popular in Bahrain, the country has excellent roads, and most of the islands are connected by bulk dams. The dam even links the country to Saudi Arabia. To rent a vehicle, you will need an international driver’s license, passport and credit card \ cash as collateral. There are no domestic flights and railways in the country.

Attractions of Bahrain

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