Antigua and Barbuda Energy and Environment Facts

Natural resources and energy

Antigua and Barbuda have no natural resources of greater economic importance. The conditions for agriculture and industry are not favorable.

Antigua and Barbuda are highly dependent on imported fossil fuels for their energy supply, and through the regional cooperation Petrocaribe initiative enjoy favorable conditions when purchasing Venezuelan oil products.

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According to a law from 2015, the country aims to increase the use of renewable energy from wind, solar and geothermal heat. Electricity supply is inadequate and power outages are not uncommon.

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Energy use per person

1 730 kilos of oil equivalent (2007)

Carbon dioxide emissions in total

532,000 tonnes (2014)

Carbon dioxide emissions per inhabitant

5.4 tonnes (2014)

The share of energy from renewable sources

0.0 percent (2015)

Antigua and Barbuda Energy and Environment Facts

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