Andorra Energy and Environment Facts

Natural resources and energy

Andorra has assets of, among other things, iron and lead, which are mined. The economically most important natural resource is the forest. Most of the energy consumed is imported.

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Although major investments have been made during a ten-year period from 2006 in the expansion of the country’s only hydropower plant, in 2013 this contributed only 18 percent to the country’s electricity consumption. In recent years, Andorra has started to extract energy from waste incineration, which produced just over two percent of the electricity consumed in 2012. Other electricity and fuel are imported from Spain and France. In 2014, fuel imports accounted for just over 11 percent of goods imports.

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Carbon dioxide emissions in total

462,000 tonnes (2014)

Carbon dioxide emissions per inhabitant

5.8 tonnes (2014)

The share of energy from renewable sources

19.7 percent (2015)

Andorra Energy and Environment Facts

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