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Uzbekistan, for some reason, this former Soviet republic remains deprived of the attention of Russian tourists. However, this is one of the oldest countries in Asia, which was an important part of the famous Great Silk Road. The country keeps a lot of ancient monuments that are the cultural heritage of our entire planet. Combine this with the incredible hospitality of the locals, delicious Uzbek dishes and the gentle sun – you get a great cocktail for an interesting vacation not far from Russia.

Geography of Uzbekistan

According to listofusnewspapers, the Republic of Uzbekistan is surrounded on all sides by numerous neighbors, the length of the borders with which is 6221 kilometers. In the south, the country borders with Afghanistan, in the southeast with Tajikistan, in the northeast and east with Kyrgyzstan, in the northwest and north with Kazakhstan, in the south and southwest with Turkmenistan. Uzbekistan is that rare country that has access to the sea (Aral), but does not have access to the World Ocean. The territory of Uzbekistan (447,400 km²) is covered with various rocks and structures, which for the most part are not suitable for permanent residence, these are steppes, mountains and deserts. The most habitable territory is the rivers and the lands near them, and most of the settlements of Uzbekistan are concentrated here. The highest point of the country is the Gissar Range, its height is 4643 meters above sea level.




The area of Uzbekistan is 447,400 km2. sq., occupies the 56th place in the world by area.


30 488 600


The state currency is sum (UZS).


Official language – Uzbek

Visa to Uzbekistan

Citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries do not need a visa to visit Uzbekistan, it will be enough to have a foreign passport valid for the entire duration of the trip.

Weather in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a pronounced continental climate, dry and hot. The lowest temperatures are observed in January: from +4°С to -8°С, and the hottest – in July: from +22°С to +42°С in the southern regions of the country. The period from the end of June to the beginning of August is the most unfavorable for travel, since even at night the thermometer does not fall below 32°C. The heyday of the tourist season in Uzbekistan falls on autumn (September-October) and spring (April-June), this is the best time for a pleasant and comfortable trip around the country.


Mains voltage 220V, 50Hz. Sockets are standard, European type with two round pins without grounding.


93% of the population of Uzbekistan are Muslims (mostly Sunnis of the Hanafi madhhab), 4% are Orthodox.


The police of Uzbekistan strictly monitors the observance of public order among foreigners and often checks documents, so it is better to take your passport with you when traveling, but carry it in a separate closed pocket of your bag. In general, Uzbekistan is one of the safest countries in Central Asia, but you should not neglect the standard precautions such as “do not walk alone at night” and “do not carry large amounts of cash with you.”


Tap water in Uzbekistan is chlorinated, but its quality leaves much to be desired. Bottled water is recommended for drinking and even brushing your teeth. Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before eating, if they have a dense peel, it is better to cut it off. Given the hot climate of Uzbekistan, take care to purchase sunscreen and a hat in advance. Try to walk in closed clothes to minimize the harmful effects of the sun. It is not necessary to do any special vaccinations before visiting Uzbekistan, however, obtaining medical insurance can be useful, as in any trip abroad.

About Uzbekistan

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