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Mortgage Quotes & Rates

! Mortgages and Loans
Obtain mortgage loan quotes and rates from this company representing a network of lenders nationwide. A payment calculator is included.


Shop for lending rates at this portal that connects users with suppliers of residential home loans for first and second mortgages, debt consolidation, and refinancing.

#1 Best Home Mortgage Loan Rates
Shop for fixed and adjustable rates for debt-consolidation loans, mortgage refinancing, or home-equity loans.

007 Mortgage World
Full service, national mortgage and loan agents specialize in home equity, refinancing, debt consolidation and home improvement loans.

Consumer credit directory offers links to debt consolidators, home-mortgage lenders, credit cards, credit reports and other loans.

1st American Home Loans
Finance center provides access to rates on loans, including home and auto. Use the contact form to receive details on individual types of loans.

1st in Mortgage
Get mortgage and home loan quotes for refinancing, improving equity or second mortgages by filling out an application. Also find a glossary.

1st Mortgage Refinance

Fill out a loan request form to be connected to mortgage and refinancing lenders in 50 states. Available programs include debt consolidation and equity loans.

411 MortgageFAQ
Find mortgage information and answers to common questions, and apply to receive mortgage bids from multiple lenders.

Fill out a single application and receive bids from multiple lenders on mortgage, home equity, property improvement and debt consolidation loans.

52-State Home Loans
Submit a form to request a quote on a home loan. Outlines the loan process and programs, and posts a glossary and a list of required documents.

Accent Home Loans - Mortgage Center
Find mortgage calculators and step-by-step guides for submitting applications and getting good mortgage rates online. Send in an application.

Advantage Investors Mortgage Corporation
Home-financing company offers mortgages and home-equity and refinancing loans from multiple lenders. Features online or telephone applications.

All About Mortgage - Tim Taylor, Equity One
Mortgage consultant deals with VA and FHA home loans to active and retired military personnel. Find out about eligibility.

America Mortgage Online
Consumer-mortgage resource offers interactive calculators, an interest-rate survey, applications and links to mortgage companies.

American Loan Search
Search engine gives access to mortgage and home loan resources. Find a lender, compare rates and discover techniques to repair bad credit.|60146340;g=z/http://www.amer

Apex Home Mortgage Refinancing Company
Home-financing company offers services for refinancing, debt consolidation, equity loans, and second mortgages. Apply for a free quote.

Apply 4

Directory features listings of mortgage, home-equity, and refinancing lenders. Look up current rates on home loans, apply for a loan, or get insurance quotes. - Mortgages
Provides the latest rates on ARMs, fixed-rate, and jumbo home loans. Also offers advice, calculators, home loan questions and answers, basic terms, and more.

Beacon Mortgage of Connecticut - Choice Mall
Calculate an affordable mortgage, monthly payments, and the break-even point. Includes an application form.

Best Home Mortgage Loan
Licensed in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina, this lending firm offers mortgage loans, debt-consolidation programs, and home-equity plans.

Best Insurance Rates
Provides free insurance and mortgage quotes. Check the rates for life, auto, health, or disability policy, or use the mortgage calculator.

Best Rate Mortgage Online
California-based lender provides daily quotes and rates on mortgages nationwide. Fill out the application or learn about home-loan programs.

Offers consumers free quotes on mortgage rates from national and local lenders and brokers. Includes mortgage calculators and a reference library.

Look up current home loan rates, apply for a loan or get insurance quotes. Also find tools for home valuation, credit reports and investing.|60505151;g=z/http://service.bfas

Big Sky Financial Network
Nationwide buyers pay cash for contracts for deeds, deeds of trusts, land contracts, private mortgages, and all other real estate secured notes.

Calibre Funding Corporation
Explore a collection of documents and interactive tools and find answers to many mortgage-related questions. Includes a mortgage calculator.

California Mortgage Advisors
Click on a "Guest Pass" to shop for today's mortgage rates, apply for a home, auto or refinance loan, or get the basics on purchasing a home.

Capital Mortgage Service
Mortgage service for CNN providing rates, advice, info and counseling, with a refinance calculator, reference library. Qualify for a loan.

Offers an online mortgage application for home-purchase, debt-consolidation, and refinancing loans. Receive quotes from multiple lenders.

Charcol Online
Independent financial adviser in London offers mortgage brokering service, plus advice on pensions, insurance, and investments. Review the best buys.

CJ Mortgage
Full-service mortgage lender provides a mortgage calculator as well as information on rate quotes. California residents may apply online.

Compare Interest

Compare current mortgage rates from lenders in every US state. Service provides a calculator and offers rate quotes for home loans.

Construction Lender
Lending service helps consumers secure a loan for construction projects or home improvement. Also find out about second mortgages and home refinancing.

Shop for bank cards, mortgages, and personal or business loans from this directory of lenders, credit firms and venture-capital specialists.

Independent mortgage broker outlines its free financial services to home buyers in the United Kingdom. Learn about loan types and credit reports.

Damaged Credit - Loan Links
Consumers who have been turned down by other lenders or have bad credit can search for mortgage loans using this service. Provides a secure loan inquiry form.|100046320;g=z/http://www.loa

Damaged Credit Purchase or Refinance - Loan Links
Consumers who want to buy or refinance a home but suffer from bad credit can find favorable terms from lenders. Indicate loan amount and access a list.|100046467;g=z/http://www.pla

E Home Mortgage & Equity Loan Rates
Company specializes in loans for debt consolidation, home improvement, and second mortgages. Read advice and tips on managing credit and debt.

Equity and Home Improvement Loans - American Loan Search
Shop for interest rates for equity, home improvement, remodel, and debt consolidation loans. Provide the necessary info, see the rates, and contact the lender.|100045994;g=z/http://www.ame

Equity Corner - Bridge Capital Corporation
Offers mortgage and other loans, including debt consolidation and home loans, and mortgage refinancing. Find out what documents are needed for final approval.

Broker offers home loans to purchase, refinance, cash out, or get a second mortgage. Includes mortgage calculators, advice and rates.

Explore Home Loan Options - Quicken Loan
Get mortgage loan options and up-to-the-minute rates by providing property information. Calculate payments with varying rates and points.|100190945;g=z/https://quicke

Fast Home Loan Quotes - Loan Links
Obtain quick quotes from lenders and brokers who fit financing needs. Enter property value, loan amount, and contact information.|100046398;g=z/http://www.loa

Federal Real Estate Home Loan Mortgages
Find loan resources for mortgages including refinancing, and home equity, Fill out an application and find information on debt consolidation.

FHA and VA Loans - American Loan Search
Specify property location and value to search for the best mortgage rates for Federal Housing and VA purchases and refinances. Sort information by lender or rate.|100046056;g=z/http://www.ame

FHA and VA Loans - Loan Links
Find a list of lenders specializing in government-assisted loans from the Federal Housing Administration and the Veterans Administration. Specify property value.|100046335;g=z/http://www.loa

FHA and VA Loans - Planet Loan
Find lenders who specialize in government-assisted loans for first-time buyers and veterans. Compare their rates, points, and fees.|100046483;g=z/http://www.pla

Financial News Service
National wire service offers a glossary of mortgage terms and information about interest rate changes and specific institutions.

First Mortgage Direct
Independent mortgage broker in the UK offers rate charts for various mortgage loans. Read about mortgage-related insurance and fill out a form to receive a loan quote.

Florida Mortgage Rates
Specify length, interest rate, and loan amount to get an amortization schedule. Learn about the various loan programs available and apply online.

Free Loan Quotes -

Fill out an application for a free loan quote from this company that sets customers up with low-cost mortgage-loan lenders.

Free Mortgage Quote -

Complete a form to get a free quote on a mortgage rate for second mortgages, debt consolidation, refinancing, or home improvement loans.|100131963;g=z/http://click.links

Get a Fast Quote - American Loan Search
Users of this free service can get quotes from several lenders after specifying loan amount, property value, and other required information.|100046068;g=z/http://www.ame - MortgageFirst
Submit an application for a mortgage through this financing company. Check out the rates for refinancing and calculate monthly payments.

Good Credit - Loan Links
Consumers with good credit can search for standard mortgage home loans by specifying property location and value, loan amount, and mortgage type.|100046313;g=z/http://www.loa

Good Credit Purchase or Refinance - Planet Loan
Survey the mortgage rates offered by lenders and brokers after entering information for property value, location, and loan amount.|100046458;g=z/http://www.pla

In addition to quotes, Landmark Mortgage offers calculators, worksheets, comparisons, market news, and other financial advice and resources.

Guaranteed Rate
Mortgage company in Chicago, Illinois, researches lenders nationwide for the latest mortgage rates and offers online and telephone loan applications.

Hanna Associates
Look into the refinancing and car-loan services provided by this independent broker. Get a free interest-rate checkup on a home or submit a loan application.

Home Equity - Loan Links
Compare home improvement and equity loans from multiple lenders and brokers. Specify property value and loan amount to access a list of lenders, rates, and APRs.|100046327;g=z/http://www.loa

Home Equity Loans - Planet Loan
Find favorable home equity loans using this service. Specify loan amount and property value to obtain loan search results and contact the lender directly.|100046475;g=z/http://www.pla

Home Lending Network
Fill out a mortgage credit-analysis application and view rates and payments from this Michigan home-mortgage broker.

Home Loan Finder - Loan Links
Find rates from multiple lenders who specialize in home purchase, refinance, improvement, and equity loans. Search for lenders who deal with government-assisted loans.|100046307;g=z/http://www.loa

Home Loan Source, The
Comparison shop for mortgage rates and receive a price quote from competitive lenders. Includes a mortgage calculator and an application form.

Home Loan-USA
Fill out an application and get a report on the most suitable loan programs for mortgage, consolidation, refinance, student and personal needs.

Home Loans - American Loan Search
Loan search resource allows users to find mortgage lenders by type and location. Offers fast quotes, loan rate comparisons, news, calculators, and home price checks.|100045973;g=z/http://www.ame

Shop for first and second mortgages, cash out and home equity loans, and mortgage refinancing. Lists mortgage interest rates and includes interest rate calculators.

Homebound Mortgage
Vermont-based mortgage-brokerage firm outlines its financial services. Learn about refinancing options, or inquire about rates. - Rates
Check out daily mortgage rates utilizing RateWatch. Sign up for the newsletter or apply for a loan.

Homes Info
Mortgage resources includes calculators and updates on the best rates. Use the glossary of terms, and learn about credit report access.

HSH Associates
Respected financial publishing company provides independent mortgage-rate analysis, interactive calculators and forecasts.

IMX Exchange
Mortgage and real-estate loan marketplace lets mortgage brokers and lenders price and lock loans. Connect to a schedule of online classes.

IndyMac Bank
Compare rates for new mortgages or refinance loans. Get a no obligation quote.|60622402;g=z/

Interest Rates - WaMuHomeLoans
Offers charts listing current rates on mortgage loans, as well as calculators for determining home-buying and refinancing rates. Also find a glossary and applications.
Keynote Funding
Company pays cash for privately-held mortgage notes and trust deeds. Learn about the process and benefits and request a quote.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine - 1998 Mortgages
Outlook for home mortgages in 1998 analyzes the rise in the industry.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine - Home Financing
Reports on mortgage rates offered around the country with the disappearance of 6.5 per cent rates. - 1st Mortgage
Finance center provides instant mortgage, auto, home equity, and home loan quotes. Get a free credit report or ask about debt management.

Loan center directs home buyers to mortgage lenders nationwide. Access application forms and loan resources, which include payment calculators and tips on saving money.

Less than Perfect Credit - American Loan Search
Search for mortgage rates from lenders specializing in customers with damaged credit. Specify the desired mortgage, property location, and value.|100045988;g=z/http://www.ame

Apply to this mortgage broker for nationwide interest rate quotes and instant loan status. Provides a glossary of terms and a calculator.

Live Mortgage, A
Apply for a mortgage and get a competitive rate in the states of Ohio, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Full-service mortgage company outlines its loan programs for debt consolidation, home improvement, and refinancing. Request a free quote.

Shop for mortgages and financing using the submission form. Offers are processed in one business day.

Click on a location to find a mortgage professional in your area. Covers interest rates and answers to mortgage questions.

Loans Your

Shop for mortgages, home equity loans and other real estate loans using this service which provides quotes from four different lenders. - Western Thrift & Loan
Apply for a home-equity, refinance, or new-purchase loan with this lender, offering adjustable, fixed-rate, and balloon mortgages. Search for and compare rates.

Loan-rate finder searches companies nationwide to find the lowest rates. Fill out an application to receive quotes on first and second mortgages.

Mortgage network provides advice and help for consumers searching for affordable loan programs. Get quotes from national lenders and brokers.

Select your state and type of mortage to view rates posted by participating lenders. Lists current rates, application fees, and lender details. - Best Rates
Claims to have the week's best interest rates for car loans from institutions in every state, and in many US cities.

Mortgage 101
Use interactive tools to answer mortgage questions. Take advantage of an interest rate survey, mortgage calculator, and a directory of contacts.

Mortgage Bazaar
Locate competitive rates and apply to hundreds of mortgage lenders with the help of this guide. Find out how to prequalify for loans.


Provides a directory of loan providers in the United States. Search by state and link to other real estate-related resources.

Mortgage Fast Quote - Planet Loan
Specify home financing needs, provide contact information, and find matches with lenders and brokers.|100046498;g=z/http://www.pla

Mortgage Interest Rates - Access Loans
Check the fixed and adjustable rates from this mortgage lender. Complete a loan application or call toll free for customized rates.

Mortgage Interest Rates Online
Offers daily quotes on interest rates for mortgages and home loans. Fill out an application form to receive approval within an hour.

Mortgage Market Info Services
The place to visit if you want to keep up-to-date with the latest news from the home mortgage market. Instantly gives rates for all states.

Mortgage Market Services
Complete resource helps find local lenders, check rates, or arrange a mortgage for people with bad credit-ratings. Check the daily RateTracker and SmartStats.

Mortgage Quotes
Constantly updated database of competitive mortgage rates for every state. Covers 64 loan programs and hundreds of lenders.

Mortgage Quotes -

Select a city, state, loan category, loan type, and point range to get a mortgage quote. Check out what type of loan is right for you.|60684102;g=z/http://adcenter

Mortgage Rates for Purchase and Refinance - American Loan Search
Search for mortgage rates for standard home purchases and refinances. Indicate property location, value, and loan amount to access a list of lenders and brokers.|100045978;g=z/http://www.ame

Mortgage Refinancing Company
Loan marketplace site offers free quotes for mortgage refinancing from a multitude of lenders. Use the loan calculators.

Mortgage Trader
Chicago-based broker posts residential mortgage loan applications and allowing banks to bid for the offered rate.

Request an estimate from this mortgage lender offering loans in 30 states. Check interest rates or complete a pre-approval form for a home loan.

Find a mortgage company from a national directory, and read up on lenders' terminology and common mistakes on home loans. Quotes within 24 hours.

Mortgages and Loans - MSN Money
Search for auto and home loans, find credit card rates, see answers to loan-related questions and use the calculators to estimate payments.

Mortgages First
Check interest rates and prequalify for a residential or commercial loan or refinancing. Submit a secure application.

Mortgages On-Line
Apply for mortgages, home-equity loans, and home-improvement loans, or refinance an existing mortgage. Apply online to receive free quote.

Take advantage of this guide to moving, renting, buying and selling. Search for houses, organize the move and apply for a mortgage.

MSN HomeAdvisor Rate Tracker
Get email updates to track interest rates and available loans from Microsoft. Select criteria and frequency of notifications.

New Century Mortgage
Offers home owners a variety of loan programs for consolidating debts. Learn about the options available for refinancing and second mortgages, or fill out an application.

Northeast Home Mortgage Corporation
Broker offers FHA and VA streamline loans, as well as conventional home loans to Fla., N.J., Tenn., Md., Colo., Ind., Conn., and Ohio residents.

Ontario Mortgage Centre -

Shop for mortgages and rates from this home-lending consulting company. Also read about programs sponsored by the Canadian government.

Pennsylvania - US Mortgage Shop
Company features real-time mortgage bidding and provides a directory of real estate agencies in Pennsylvania. Calculate a monthly loan payment.

Provantage Funding Corporation
Based in New York, this mortgage banking firm offers online tools for loan rates, comparison shopping, and refinancing. Get a free consultation.

Directory of quotes and rate comparisons for financial services such as mortgages and mutual funds and for insurance, including auto and health.

Rate Watch - IndyMac Bank
Sign up to receive an email update discussing home mortgage rates and providing breakdowns of closing costs.|60744366;g=z/http://www.indym

RateIt! Mortgage - Online Mortgage Rates
Service offers mortgage-loan and rate information nationwide. Find mortgages and refinancing links or request additional rates.

Real Estate Center
Find comprehensive real estate resources to help buy, sell, or rent a house. Locate a Realtor, or get a quote on a home loan, home equity loan, or refinance loan.

Refinance Mortgage - E-LOAN
Run a loan comparison, find recommended loans or search rates to find the optimal mortgage refinance loan. Loans feature fast credit decisions and no lender fees.|60698619;g=z/http://click.linksy

Second Mortgage -

Helps home owners with imperfect credit find debt-consolidation, second-mortgage, and home-equity loans. Fill out an application to get quotes from lenders nationwide.

Shop for Rates - MSN HomeAdvisor
Search for lenders that offer mortgage and equity loans at the best rates. Includes financing guides.

Apply and receive prequalification for a mortgage, credit card or line of credit. Also provides copies of credit reports.

Texas Mortgage Rates
Learn about available mortgage programs. Includes contact information and links to lenders.

Obtain loan quotes for home improvement, second mortgages, debt consolidation, purchases and refinancing. Includes a mortgage calculator.

Today's Mortgage Rates - American Loan Search
Features daily updates of mortgage rates for purchase and refinance, equity and home improvement loans, and construction loans. Compare rates from several lenders.|100046117;g=z/http://www.ame

Company assists veterans nationwide with home loans for buying or refinancing through federal VA loan programs. Find a local agent.

Very Best Home Loans
Compare quotes on and apply for home equity, debt consolidation, refinance, VA, FHA, construction, second mortgage, and home loans from various lenders.

Online mortgage-refinancing lender helps home owners refinance their mortgages. Learn about debt-consolidation and home-equity lines.

Provides home loans to residents of selected states, including Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Service assists in arranging loans for potential borrowers. Loan options include fixed rate, first-time buyer and debt consolidation.
Mortgage Lenders by State

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