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Mortgage Law

Provides a database of residential mortgage guidelines. Presented primarily for financial professionals.

California Residential Mortgage Lending Act
State's Department of Corporations introduces and outlines this regulatory law, discussing its major directives and set obligations.

Internet Mortgage Magazine
Directory of mortgage and finance topics, including industry news, articles, and real estate finance information.

Mortgage Law
Overview of mortgage law, with selected state property law statutes and recent Supreme Court cases. From the Cornell Law School.

MSN Encarta - Mortgage
Encyclopedia defines this term from a legal standpoint and explains the authority and processes pertaining to it. Shares links to related aids.

NICE - Summary of Consumer Credit Laws
National Institute for Consumer Education presents summaries that include the Truth in Lending and Consumer Leasing acts.

Realty Times - Mortgage Law Reforms
Real estate industry magazine explains efforts to reform areas of mortgage law, spotlighting their shortcomings. Holds links and author data.

Thomas Law Firm Mortgage License Mall
Legal center sited in Dallas, Texas shares this compilation of news, instruction, lists and licensing resources for mortgage lenders and brokers.
Mortgage Lenders by State

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