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Mortgage Calculators

Accent Home Loans - Mortgage Center
Find mortgage calculators and step-by-step guides for submitting applications and getting good mortgage rates online. Send in an application.

Affordability Calculator -

Provides a rough estimate on how much house one can afford based on annual income, debt, and other factors.|60683346;g=z/http://adcenter

America Mortgage Online - Mortgage Calculators
Mortgage service has calculators that tabulate APRs, amortization, monthly payments and property tax benefits.

Ameriquest Mortgage Company - Mortgage Calculators
National lending company offers tools to help users calculate monthly mortgage payments. Also includes a debt consolidation calculator.|60607535;g=z/http://www.ameri

Service helps consumers with good or bad credit who are looking for refinancing rates, debt-consolidation services, foreclosure loans, and college-funding tactics.

Balloon Payments Calculator -

Fill out a form to access an amortization table showing payments for the fixed period as well as the remaining period based on a new rate.|60683310;g=z/http://adcenter - Calculators
Utilize calculators specific to loans, mortgages, savings, credit cards, and auto leasing. Travelers can find one to calculate currency.

Calculators - Mortgage Calculators Finance Center
Features an assortment of free mortgage calculators for qualifying new or existing existing home buyers with a loan.

Calculators - WaMuHomeLoans
Washington Mutual, supplier of home loans, provides those seeking a mortgage with a bunch of loan payment calculators to help in assessing financial standings.

Lets visitors work out loan payments, prequalification needs, refinance feasibility, and loan amortization. Compare loan providers.

CBS - Loan Center
Check out today's loan rates, and find several useful calculators to find out what payments will cost or whether renting is better than owning.

Centura Financial Calculators
Easy-to-use calculators to help determine how much you can borrow, or how much you should invest for particular financial goals.
ERATE - Mortgage Calculators and Tools
Mortgage broker helps consumers figure out monthly payments and their credit grades with these tools. Learn whether refinancing is a smart move.

Financial Calculators
Calculators for annual yield of an investment, loan payments, tax deferred annuities, and nominal and effective interest rates.

Free Mortgage Analyzer
Folks dealing with a mortgage can use this graphical calculator that provides an amortization schedule and payment chart with printable results.

Request a mortgage analysis or fill out an application form in order to qualify for a loan. Use the calculators to estimate payments.

Home Buying Calculators - Quicken Loans
Consult these loan calculators to estimate monthly mortgage payments, loan amounts, price ranges, and amortization. Check the advantages of buying versus renting.|100190456;g=z/http://quicken

Home Equity Loan Calculators - Quicken Loans
Check the advantages of using a home equity loan to consolidate debts, buy a car, or save on taxes with these calculators.|100190420;g=z/http://quicken

Home Mortgage Calculators - Quicken Loans
Use these refinance, home equity, and home buying calculators to help determine the best options when purchasing or financing a new home.|100190333;g=z/http://quicken

Homebuying Calculator -

Find more than a dozen tools for calculating monthly payments, tax savings, and closing costs. Compare lenders and fixed and adjustable rates.|60682879;g=z/http://adcenter - Calculators
Online calculator to help you find out what you can afford to spend on a home, what your monthly payments will be, and how to refinance.

Income Calculator -

Estimate the qualifying income required to meet a lender's requirements for specific loans.|60682980;g=z/http://adcenter

Interest Rate Calculator
Calculate a loan's interest rate or payment by using these tools, which include an amortization graph, annual table and monthly payment chart.

Karl's Mortgage Calculator
Plug in the principal, interest, insurance tax, and other figures to calculate your mortgage costs.

Free lending service submits loan applications to multiple lenders. Tools create payment tables, monthly payments, or explain mortgage terms.

Seek credit counseling and get help with debt management. Offers tips for consolidating bills, eliminating excess fees, and applying for loans.

Loan Calculators - Loan Links
More than 20 financial analysis tools and equity loan calculators allow users to calculate amount to borrow, monthly mortgage payments, and tax savings.|100046414;g=z/http://www.loa

Loan Calculators - Planet Loan
More than 20 financial tools and calculators help consumers in choosing between renting or buying a home, fixed or adjustable rates, and 15 or 30-year loans.|100046517;g=z/http://www.pla

LoanWeb - Fixed or Adjustable Calculator
Compare which is better for individual needs by using this calculator that computes both fixed and adjustable loans.|60556825;g=z/http://calcs.lo

LoanWeb - How Much Can I Borrow?
Learn about loan eligibility with this calculator that uses monthly income, monthly payments and other details to estimate loan amounts.|60556811;g=z/http://calcs.lo

Martindale's Online Calculators
Offers a wide variety of calculators, including several on financial planning and investment topics.

Monthly Mortgage Payment Estimator - Quicken Loans
Estimate monthly mortgage payments using this calculator from Quicken. Input amount borrowed, tax rates, and the length of loan to see results.|100190981;g=z/http://quicken

Mortgage and Financial Calculators
Mortgage company provides a selection of amortization, interest rate, and home pre-qualification calculators. Gives tips for avoiding debt.

Mortgage and Home Loan Calculators - American Loan Search
Access mortgage, home loan, and home equity calculators. Learn how to reduce mortgage insurance, compute tax savings, and choose between fixed and adjustable rates.|100046128;g=z/http://www.ame

Mortgage Calculator - Access Loans
Use this amortization-schedule calculator and loan-payment calculator to figure out payment amounts and the interest for fixed-term loans.

Mortgage Glossary -

Understand the language of mortgages and loans with this guide. Learn about balloons, caps, and floats.|60683037;g=z/http://adcenter

Mortgage Loan Calculators
Find home-loan calculators for amortization payments and interest rates. Has tools to help folks figure out whether to buy or rent and for how long to set up a mortgage.

Mortgage Refinance Calculators - Quicken Loans
Use these calculators from Quicken to determine whether it's the right time to refinance a mortgage loan. Compare rates versus points, or fixed versus adjustable rates.|100190412;g=z/http://quicken

Consumer resource on mortgages offers a glossary of terms and a guide to mortgage types and rates. Also includes mortgage and qualification calculators. - Mortgage Calculator
Aspiring homeowners can estimate monthly payments, based on asking price, down payment and rates, by using this simple mortgage calculator.|60358652;g=z/http://www.movin - Refinancing Calculator
See if it is possible to save money on a mortgage through refinancing by plugging the current terms into this automatic calculator.|60358746;g=z/http://www.movin

Payment Calculator -

Estimate monthly payments on loans, calculate the total interest paid over the life of a loan, and view a full amortization schedule.|60682971;g=z/http://adcenter

Pine Grove Software
Check out several shareware and freeware programs this company offers including financial and loan calculators and zip code generator.

Quick Qualifier -

Made for loan officers, Quick Qualifier is a mortgage calculator that enables quick tabulation of mortgages, debt ratios, and the refinancing of FHA and VA loans.

Refinance Calculator - Quicken Loans
Use this tool to assess whether or not to refinance a mortgage loan, check the results, and look at the short and long-term financial picture.

Rent vs. Buy Analyzer
Provide financial details and this calculator will work out whether buying a home is better than renting.

Reverse Mortgage Calculator
Read about the benefits of a reverse mortgage and use the calculator to get estimates for three programs. Includes step-by-step instructions.

ThirdAge - Home Finance Calculator
Home buyers and owners can get an idea of what they can afford, how big mortgage payments will be and what refinancing will cost in the long run.

Upfront Cost Calculator -

Indicate the loan amount, interest rate, and length of loan to calculate upfront costs.|60683023;g=z/http://adcenter

Online mortgage-refinancing lender helps home owners refinance their mortgages. Learn about debt-consolidation and home-equity lines.
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