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Dominica Energy and Environment Facts


Natural resources and energy

Water, forest and pumice are Dominica's most important natural resources. The island also has large resources of limestone and clay.

Dominica Energy and Environment Facts

More than 40 percent of Dominica is wooded, but the forest industry is not very developed.

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About 30 percent of the electricity comes from hydropower or wind power. Expansion of hydropower has been partly financed by the export of fresh water to neighboring countries.

A project is underway to try to extract energy from the hot underground sources found on the island. The heat from the underground could, according to calculations, cover all of Dominica's energy needs.

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Energy use per person

607 kilos of oil equivalent (2007)

Carbon dioxide emissions in total

136,000 tonnes (2014)

Carbon dioxide emissions per inhabitant

1.9 tons (2014)

The share of energy from renewable sources

7.8 percent (2015)


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