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Mortgage Advice: Beginners Guides

1st Choice Mortgage and Home Loans
Guide helps consumers understand loan options, fees, and rates. Request a free quote on a mortgage, home-loan or debt-consolidation plan.

1st Mortgage Rates-Calculator
Consumer guide explains mortgages, home-equity loans, and general home financing. Find buying tips, interest rates, loan calculators, and online applications.

Before You Buy - Mortgages
Mortgage consumer resource offers advice on how to get approved for a home loan and how to boost your credit rating in preparation for a home equity loan.

Helpful consumer resource offers FAQs about the loan and mortgage process, from gathering documentation to determining property value.

Financial News Service
National wire service offers a glossary of mortgage terms and information about interest rate changes and specific institutions.

Home Buyer's Information Center - Mortgages
Home buyers can find guides for choosing a mortgage. Features a mortgage calculator and a glossary.

HomeOwners Finance Center
California mortgage broker offers statistics, information and details of its services. Apply online for next-day approval.

HomeScape - Financing
Guides for loan prequalification, mortgage applications, home valuations and estimating closing costs.
Insider Tips - Planet Loan
Offers strategies, articles, and tips for refinancing, applying for loans, and repairing bad credit. Get advice or apply for a home, auto, or personal loan.|100046526;g=z/http://www.pla

LoanWeb - Guide To Skillful Borrowing
Features eight important tips for successful borrowing including being prepared, shopping around and determining total loan costs ahead of time.|60556675;g=z/http://loanweb.

LoanWeb - Mortgage Professor
Offers a mortgage FAQ that addresses topics such as broker trust and debt consolidation. Link to the expert's site and submit a new question.|60556733;g=z/http://loanweb.

MBAA Consumer Information
Site is sponsored by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America and aims to answer the usual questions that arise when finding a mortgage.

Mortgage 101 - Company Homepage
Mortgage essentials like interest rates, payment and loan calculators and appraisal data reside here. Has a directory of companies.

Mortgage Center -

Three-step plan focuses on knowing options for loans, assessing and calculating needs, and getting comparisons for rates.

Mortgage Market Services
Complete resource helps find local lenders, check rates, or arrange a mortgage for people with bad credit-ratings. Check the daily RateTracker and SmartStats.

Prospective home buyers can read articles and purchase books on bad-credit loans, credit scoring, mortgage scams and other mortgage issues.

Find details and advice on a large number of different types of mortgage loans. There are also mortgage calculators and a glossary. - Mortgage Guide
Prepare for the home ownership plunge with this guide to mortgages, including credit, down payments, insurance, refinancing and bankruptcy.|60359353;g=z/http://www.movin

MSN HomeAdvisor - Financing
Find a loan-rate comparison tool, mortgage calculator, financing advice and other resources to help you finance or re-finance a home.

Myers Internet Services - MortgageFAQ
Portal for mortgage hunters includes a mortgage calculator, rate guidelines, and links to loan programs and credit reports.

Predatory Lending Sucks
Features list of national resources, warning tips for consumers and additional information about predatory lending practices in the United States.

Questions and Answers About Buying a New Home - Loans
Answers to questions about obtaining a new home loan include information about lenders, loan programs and legislation.

Second Mortgage -

Zip codes are all that are needed to start looking for home-loan professionals offering additional financing.|60623057;g=z/http://www.respo

What Are Points? -

Read about orgination points and discount points, their tax implications, and the reason lenders charge them.|60683227;g=z/http://adcenter

Which Loan is Right for You? -

Understand the features of fixed rate, adjustable, two-step, and balloon mortgages. Learn the differentiate between conforming and jumbo loans.|60683246;g=z/http://adcenter...

Mortgage Lenders by State

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