8 Myths on Hair

Find out what are the eight popular belief about hair that are not true

A lot is said about what is good for the hair, which should be avoided and what are the best practices to have hair always beautiful. However, some of these beliefs already deeply rooted as true, they are myths. To understand because these beliefs about hair are not the best expression of the truth about the beauty of your yarn.

8 Myths on Hair 1

Myth 1: oily Hair does not need conditioner

Those who have oily hair you should use conditioner, this is something of a myth. Oily hair also needs hydration, but they must be conditioned the right way.

The ideal in these cases is to wash well root greasy with a shampoo anti-residue and ends with a shampoo normal. After this, the conditioner should only be applied from the middle to the ends and never at the root, as this sim could cause the root to become even more oily.

Myth 2: Shampoo and conditioner must be exchanged frequently

The popular belief that the hair will “get used” to certain products and that it is necessary to change the brands and types from time to time is just a myth. What actually happens is an accumulation of waste products, that these products leave on the hair, making it difficult the perception of its results in the long term.

So, before you rush to the shops in search of a shampoo or conditioner new, try washing your hair with a shampoo anti-residue and you’ll be able to realize the effect of your favorite products in your hair.

8 Myths on Hair 2

Myth 3: you Should comb your hair from root to tip

Although many people say that the hair should be combed from the root to the tips, this is also just a myth. If you comb your hair this way, when still wet, it is possible for it to break or even embarace even more.

You’d rather start by the tips, taking gently, and climb gradually until you reach the root. So you can avoid damage or break the wires.

Myth 4: Cutting the hair makes it grow faster

Cut out the loving tips damaged hair regularly causes the hair to become more healthy and strong, but not causes them to grow faster. The normal growth of hair regardless of whether you cut it or not.

However, healthy hair may appear longer because the ends are well defined and beautiful. Taking this into consideration, it is worth to visit your hairdresser every two or three months to maintain the health and beauty of your yarn.

8 Myths on Hair 3

Myth 5: Pregnant women can’t paint the hair

In fact, the main problem related to the chemicals to the hair is the formalin. Products with formaldehyde should be avoided by all women – pregnant or not. Despite the fact that the paint that does not contain formaldehyde, can be used even by pregnant women, as a precaution, you can avoid dyeing hair during the first three months of pregnancy.

After this period, if you want to dye the hair, prefer more natural products, such as inks based of henna and no added formaldehyde. However, it is worth mentioning that the majority of straighten your hair contains formaldehyde and must be avoided by pregnant women.

Myth 6: Nothing can change the natural texture of your hair

The texture of the hair can change, yes. There are those who have wavy hair and suddenly it changes and becomes more smooth or even curly. The texture of your hair can be influenced by growth, by the medications you take and also by their eating habits. In addition, your hair may become thin and damaged as a result of stress and hormonal disorders.

Myth 7: Mayonnaise and olive oil to moisturize the wires

While this blend can be an economic alternative to hydrate some types of hair, it can also bring disastrous results for other types of yarn. If you have fine hair and as well fluffy might end up letting the wicks oily and heavy.

The good news is that if you have thick wire, and well dried, you can benefit from the mixture. The tip is to apply a tablespoon of mayonnaise or olive oil on the hair clean and damp, concentrating the application on the tips of the wires. Let the product act for thirty minutes and wash with shampoo. So your hair can stay more hydrated and healthy appearance.

Myth 8: All wires grow also

The wicks grow differently in each part of the body and including in the head. Each wire is in a different stage of growth and this is why it is so difficult to keep the straight cut equal to the time that you just cut it off.