Zara Plus Size Clothing

Zara needs no introduction, is the Colossus of fast fashion, but so far had a large gap: size. Maybe something is changing

Zara, plus sizes

Will happen to you to try pants or skirts from Zara, convinced to bring 40 and find that barely managed to close the 42, always coming back home with the doubt of having taken a few extra pounds and having to resort to drastic measures to get back in line. In fact, the fitting of certain leaders, not only from Zara, and in many other low-cost chains is very special: basically starts from 38 and varies little from one size to another concept that with “Mediterranean” like our physical, don’t always get along.

Who sells plus sizes

Mango has noticed that launched the much-loved Violeta by Mango line for curvy women and even H & M, because the rest close doors (or rather, the Lightning) who does not come in sizes 38-40-42.  Zara was always remained with his Woman, ergo max size L, and line Trafaluc for teens. Yet, Elle Spain blew the fly on the nose by publishing the news of a sighting plus size fashion proposals by Zara for spring summer 2016, precisely this shirt. It will be a dress rehearsal before the big debut over?