You Can Download Remix OS, Android PC Multi-View, January 12

There are several ways to run Android on a PC with Windows or Mac (as for example Android – x 86) but installation is complicated somewhat by what most mortals we usually comply with emulated as Bluestacks solution.

Very soon, namely January 12, you will have the possibility of testing a version of Android best suited for use on a PC. It is Remix OS, the fork of Android Android – X 86-based and created primarily for use in micro-PC with Android as the Mini Remix.

Remix OS includes the best of both worlds. It is Android, but the multi-window system seems more appropriate to a desktop operating system, as well as including a Start Menu and task bar. For many Remix OS is What Chrome OS should have been from the beginning.

Android on the inside, looks like Windows on the outside

In this video you can see some of the reasons why the Remix OS might be the version of Android for PC that you were waiting for.

In the video itself you can see the little tricks that Remix OS uses to bring Android to an environment so different as a PC with a large screen, mouse and keyboard so it really has little to envy to Windows.

The multi-view together with the possibility to resize each window for each application to your liking already makes half of the work, which concludes with the Taskbar and Start Menu the style of Windows 10. The mouse It also behaves as expected, with support for drag and drop, create selections, and click shortcut.

On the role all Android applications they should work in Remix OS (which relies for now on Lollipop), but it is expected that some of them have incompatibilities or not work for obvious reasons without your PC sensors or other devices that rely on.

The installation Remix OS in principle should not be too complicated. You can download a disk image, burn it to at least 8 GB USB stick and start the installation from there. In principle Remix OS gets along well with other operating systems, so you can have them installed next to your Windows and Mac, choosing to start what like to start.