Xiaomi Officially Presents 7 MIUI and Speaks of Its Innovations

Once the past day 13 Xiaomi began to spread the MIUI 7 controversy still based KitKat, today was the day chosen by the Chinese company for the implementation of long international of the latest version of its software layer, which their news based on two fundamental pillars: improve the performance of the device and make it fully customizable.

This presentation has not been relayed to the world or anything that looks like him, and Xiaomi has been limited to be updated all the news about the presentation made in the India in a specific official forum thread. In the thread we see as improvements in autonomy, speed, battery and customization other small details have added you designed to try to make life a little easier to its users.

Autonomy and performance improvements

With so many applications requiring the use of CPU every few minutes, new MIUI 7 aims to try to align these calls of apps to optimize battery consumption by promising its users up to a 48% savings on the processes performed in the background and an additional 10% in daily use of the phone.

To demonstrate the benefits of this system and up to what point lasts Xiaomi Mi4 with MIUI 7, Chinese manufacturer battery He has also published a video of comparison with other two devices that were also presented last year, the G3 LG and Samsung Galaxy S5 as your phone. You will have to wait to try the new UI to know to what extent are or not exaggerated the results of the video.

MIUI 7 will also optimize the response of the operating system loading the data and applications in parallel animations, which according to Chinese manufacturer enhance apps 30% charge. In addition, in the event that your application needs it to perform a task important or especially demanding, system will accelerate CPU only at the precise moment you will need.

The personalization as protagonist

If Android is already in itself a fully customizable operating system, the new version of Xiaomi customization layer intended to facilitate processes so that users get design an aspect unique for your devices. The first step for this purpose will be to expand in four new colors, including black and pink, colorful UI system catalog.

In addition, also have introduced a tool called MUSE, with which users will have a simple way to create animations with dynamic content without entering complex codes. You will not need to know program designs to be able to overload your mobile up to Ecstasy.

Those small details…

MIUI 7 also takes small details that will try to win the attention of users with the promise to make them relate to their devices a little more simple. One of the most striking in fact is a nod to the increasingly popular phablets, and it is of a text XXL size to let no one is the view to read on your phone.

Two other interesting options have been a system to save data in our rate base to compress the images in any application or a system of contact cards that we share, and with which you can record small video of 6 seconds so that they appear on the screen of our friends whenever we call them.

Finally, we also have the option of using our my Band for mobile silence notifications when we fall asleep, a way for children that will organize specific applications our whitelist for the little ones and a set of personal albums that will go chronologically organizing photographs of a same person so that, for example, we do not lose us how is growing our child or pet.

MIUI 7 will come next Monday

All these advantages, as we have said, can begin to be used by users who have a Redmi 1S or 2, Mi 3, 4 and 4i or a Redmi Note 3G or 4G from next Monday 24, which is the date chosen by Xiaomi to launch officially and internationally the new version of its popular and customizable UI.

It will be then when really we can see to what extent have managed to keep the promises Today, and if the controversial detail that the layer of customization not yet jump to Lollipop is in the background thanks to their improvements. Do unto you what you think? Would you be willing to give him a chance to Xiaomi?