Wooden Wedding Decorations:Natural-Elegant Barn Wedding

Wood is a really nice material. Used at the wedding, wood creates a natural rustic atmosphere without any trouble. From the wedding decoration to the guest book – from wood at the wedding you can never get enough.

At the wedding of Lindsey and Nick, the rustic wedding decor of wood was gracefully complemented by dark blue and pink accents.Pictures say more than a thousand words … So let yourself be inspired by the wedding decoration with wood!

PS Under the Fotostory we have even more great ideas for your wedding decoration made of wood…

Beaded for the bride & geeky touch for the groom

Stunning to the later wedding decor of wood already took place the getting ready of the bride in the wooden bungalow of Nicks family.With the styling of the bride and bridesmaids, passionate attention was paid to every detail.Between the bridesmaids tuned to the chains, the radiant bride came out even more.

The bridegroom Nick and his groomsmen differed only in their neckties.The icing on the cake were the geeky manchet buttons that featured figures from Star Wars.This finally led to the funny photo idea with mask!

Suitable for the wedding wood decoration: stationery & bridal bouquet

Nicks and Lindsey’s wedding ceremony was announced on the farm with a nice invitation in blackboard.The program of the free marriage in the idyllic country of Nicks family was printed practically on a fan for the wedding.

The bridal bouquet was tied in harmony with the color theme in cream and blue.Rustic eyecatchers to the elegant bridal bouquet made yellow and pink flowers.

Ideas for your wedding decoration made of wood

At the wedding in the open , the bride and groom were able to find some wedding decorations with wood.In order to imitate the”shielding effect” of the church during the marriage ceremony, Nick’s family had placed a heavy wooden door at the beginning of the path to the wedding ceremony.The motto of the wooden wedding decoration was then taken up again in a special wooden guestbook, a beautiful setting as a remembrance for the deceased and the wedding bow made of wood.

After the symbolic Sandzermonie, a sociable barn wedding was celebrated on the property of the family.

Table decoration at the wedding with wood

The loving wedding decor of wood harmoniously harmonized with the selected location:the barn of the family was transformed with many string of lights and elegant seating to the festival hall for the natural country wedding.

The wedding table decoration with wood and flowers in the middle of the table was combined with the blue lace and vintage plates to form a stylish unit.

The highlight at the wedding with wood decoration

On the later evening,the Braupaar unveiled the highlight of the wedding celebration:the four-storey wedding tribute with elaborate lace adornment!

For the guests, who were eaten too much after the feast to eat another piece of this stunning cake, there was a selection of different donuts. Just as the humorous wooden sign said, “All you need is love and maybe a donut!”.