Wolder Already Works with Remix OS: Is It a Good Bet by East Android Desktop?

After starting the year with its Remix Ultra, a Tablet with the same concept as the Surface Microsoft, and even dare with a MicroPC called Mini Remix, seems that the ex-Google employees who founded the company Jide are willing to collaborate with other manufacturers for to further disseminate its OS Remix, the fork of Android designed to operate as a desktop operating system.

One of the company that could collaborate with them and bet on bringing Europe Remix is the Cantabrian Wolder, a week after having presented its new mobile WIAM, last Thursday were teaching in the Engadget Awards 2015 the functioning of the operating system and telling us that they were considering the possibility launch any product with the.

Providing solution to the shortcomings of Android

Android is a mature operating system that hundreds of brands are using to move their mobile devices, but that still has some shortcomings that Google still has not been able to solve. One of them is that when we use it on large devices the operating system displays too rigid, so not we can rid us of the feeling of using a large mobile.

As an alternative, Jide is developing Remix OS. It’s an Android that has been modified to show us an interface identical to the of desktop operating systems, with a menu of home, a desktop with shortcuts and trash and even some applications that can run on windows.

An Android become Windows to take advantage of the thousands of applications of Google’s operating system on desktops, or as they did with the Remix Ultra, use it in tablets that can be also portable. It seems interesting enough to Trump Wolder can make a name betting on it, but what exactly are the Cantabrian company plans?

What type of products could use it Wolder?

As we are not satisfied with the small sample that let us see during the awards, We have been in contact with the Cantabrian company to ask them why they are thinking of using this little known system, and we have tried to find out what type of devices they could end up implementing it in the future.

From Wolder we have answered have realized that Android “can be a desktop operating system nothing has to envy classical environments that are used”, to which have been added:”We are working on Remix OS that we see their potential and believe that it is something that the Android community around the world would receive with open arms”

Wolder has also told us that even they cannot give us any date or talk to us about any device in particular. They are currently limited to obtain feedback from the community to try and then designing a device, or which seems that it is still early to talk of final products.

Remix OS is an operating system that can be used to enhance the use of Android portable and convertible, so it is assumed that there could go the shots in the future. Do they dare with any MiniPC or larger computer also? We see him somewhat more difficult, but as the company they have given us no clue it will play the steps them to find out what have just launched.