WireWorld Equinox 6 Speaker Cable

The WireWorld Equinox 6 (1050 euro) more clearly worked out even subtle musical phrasing; Tutti passages worked less and more clearly.

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On superficial inspection, it looks like WireWorld-Chef David Salz have simply missed a gray PVC sheath the OASIS 6 (10/08) and renamed it the Equinox 6. But it isn’t, because the more expensive brother has the same design – four PE-insulated conductors with 18 wires, which are each other and squirm in PVC – although, the used wires with 0.35 mm instead of 0.4 mm delicate are but remarkable way. This leads at the Equinox 6 to a cross-section of 3.5 mm2 while the OASIS 6 has proud 4.6 mm2.

The Equinox 6 is more expensive but a purer copper, especially zinc and iron are lacking and that is also manufactured in the slow continuous casting process after Ohno. This salt has been discovered apparently still a manufacturing finesse – which he of course not want to disclose, that enables a still more homogeneous material.

We were very curious to see whether the other stuff really brings benefits or whether the smaller cross-section leads to disadvantages in the listening room. But the Equinox 6 dispelled all doubts. It sounded not only homogeneous and Smoother as the OASIS 6, presented a slightly coarser rasterized image of sound, and provided height with less Sibilants.

The Equinox 6 worked out fine musical phrasings more clearly; Tutti passages worked less and more clearly. So it caused a little more elegance and flow than the gold cable matrix, which, however, built a more stately Foundation. Tie, but just another sound tuning character.

Wireworld Equinox 6

Manufacturer Wireworld
Price €1050.00
Rating 12.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Length field attachable desire
Plug Full silver – lugs, silver bananas
Building Multiple inner conductor
Outer conductor insulation PVC
Inner conductor insulation Polyethylene
Material and type of the inner conductor four flat head 18 surface-polished copper-wire 2 x 3, 5 mm 2
Material and type of shielding No
Measured values
Series inductance 170,0 µH / m
Series Inductivity
Series resistance 10.3 mOhm /.
Parallel capacity 302 pF / m
Parallel drainage 0,0050 µS / m
Cable impedance
Sound enhancement 12
Sound tendency Green
Price performance 6
tested in issue: 2 / 10