Winter Fashion Boots: Models, Trends, Shops and Sites

Winter is coming and it’s time to abandon the sandals and start thinking about shoes and especially boots.

The 2011 Winter Fashion Boots promises to enhance the elegance of women without giving up the comfort via shoe-wiki.

The boots are fundamental parts this season and help to compose a functional look and sophisticated at the same time.

For day to day the ideal are the most comfortable generally made in synthetic materials or suede. This type of boot can be without high and is very good with both pants as sound come out and a half.

Some traces of the previous seasons remain the countryboots, most daring footwear for people but stylish.

The short-barreled boots also guarantee your space in 2011 Fashion as key to social events. When combined with a more social clothes become the ideal choice for a business dinner for example.

In addition to the classic high heels and fine worth investing in platform heels. Comfortable and feminine, make the walk more delicate daily and avoid pain in the legs.

The top brands in the business in Brazil are exposing amazing collections and the prices are not so high because it is the beginning of the season. We indicate:


Via Marte



The trick is to take the time to choose the best shoes for good prices. Search for enough not to arreender of your purchase!