Winter Coats Fashion

The coats are very important parts for the winter looks, after all, with the low temperatures it is necessary to protect the body from the cold. There are several options, but some stand out by the usability and also by the trend. Check out:

Blazer–more a traditional model and indispensable. The blazer is a piece that can either compose a formal look, as informal, for this, simply choose the accessories and the other pieces that will be combined with it. In winter, wear it with jeans, leggings, leather pants waxed, long skirts, dresses with tights and more. The neutral colors are perfect for the cold, but it is possible to abuse the colors also. Prefer red, emerald green, Orange and pink.

Leather jacket–this template is more one of the classics of fashion, but I walked away from the trends for a few years, however, there are a few seasons back with everything, snatching the heart of thousands of fashionistas around the world. They are great for a half-season and also for the winter. Leave the visual and practical modern type, that is, combine jeans + white shirt + leather jacket with different accessories every day following, so you will always have a look again.

Trench coat-this is one of the models of more traditional coats for winter. He always is among the trends, because it is, above all, a timeless piece. Every year they can be used, so it is important to invest in a trench coat, with good quality fabric and good cut. The trenchs are great for rainy days, because your original material is waterproof.