Windows Phone 7 Reaches 3,000 Apps and 15,000 Developers

It has already been more than proved that in the era post- iPhone, a solid supply of applications is critical to the success of a platform. Consequently, the lack of these can condemn a promising operating system to premature death. And Windows Phone 7 – What is the time promise in the world of mobile operating systems – not to give chance to this kind of chance.

So she proudly announced that it is coming to three thousand apps brand for Windows Phone 7, mark to be reached by the end of the week. The number of developers has also increased 80% since September. Now there are already over 15,000 registered developers.

Microsoft is really trying to promote the applications. They can be found in search visual Bing and are promoted in various places such as the dashboard of the Xbox 360, for example.

And Microsoft will need to try it. The App Store of Apple, for example, already has more than 300,000 applications and a large and loyal user base. But let’s hope, even if you have an iPhone or Android: competition always encourages the development of all involved.

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