Will Google Play Comes to The Chromebooks End Up Absorbing Android to Chrome OS?

Today Google has confirmed that since a few weeks ago it was an open secret, Google Play comes to Chrome OS. The Chromebooks You can install more than one million applications and Android games.

Since a couple of years ago, Chrome OS began tontear with the support of Android applications, allowing you to download officially a few applications, but have now gone one step further with the integration of the Google Play Store Now you can download any application and Android game.

Fusion in sight?

Chrome OS is now more Android, It seems the long awaited fusion of the two operating systems of Google is underway After so many years of rumors, leaks and denials. We are seeing as both operating systems are being approached to be a single operating system. On the one hand we see how Chrome OS come Android games and applications, and on the other hand see how Android reach windows and system updates, and Chrome OS partitions.

Eye of a non-expert user, when you see a Chromebook interface Material Design y Google Play with your applications and games, you will not see a Chrome OS, you will see a laptop with Android.

Chrome OS is losing its identity in favor of Android, so everything indicates that Android will end up absorbing to Chrome OS. If both operating systems run the same applications of Google Play makes no sense keeping the development of two operating systems on the inside are very different but then running Android applications.

It is possible that the long-awaited merger arrives in the upcoming Google I/O 2017, with Android 8.0, the only thing you need to do Google is add a desktop interface to Android and released a version of Chrome with Web Apps and accessories. The transition from Chrome OS to Android is perhaps the arrival of Google Play in the Chromebooks.