Wild Romance with Irish Flair

A slight breeze blows across the unspoiled landscape of Ireland and their Rocky Hill; Wheat fields, fern and lush meadows as far as the eye can see.

Interrupted the idyllic spaces are just by nature itself, about a flowing stream, huge rocks and thorn trees.

The bride exudes pure serenity, sensuality and modesty, she has found their inner balance and is one with nature. She wears clothes that accompany their naturalness, discreet jewellery and a wreath of flowers, which acts as a gift from mother nature.

Their world of color – ivory, milk, butter, and Sage inspired – exudes warmth and charm. In accordance with nature, they blend in with the environment and reflect this pure naturalness.

Wildflowers, still unripe blackberries, Thistles and poppies be assembled to loose bouquets. Tablecloths made of coarse linen and cotton are laid out on the tables, gold cutlery with handles made of dark wood and turquoise plates is taken care.

As a feast there are exquisite delicacies, as a hearty Autumn Salad with Bacon and caramel, homemade Honeysuckle wine.

Dreamy and full of the joy of the future she can look on the horizon and can reminisce about their big day…

The team of Pearl and Godiva is blessed with amazing talent and infinite creativity and once again they inspire with their incomparable sense of art and aesthetics. Its design concepts are a magical lightness and a fascinating naturalness.

This beauty was a beguiling imagery of the exceptional artist Rhylee Hitchner held – so which feels heavenly to.