Why Do Not I Wear A Bikini?

The bikinis season is back! All American stores have sold all their furry winter coats and have put on their bikinis.

Summer is almost here, and the girls are heading to shopping malls to choose their new favorite bikini.

Bikinis are the standard when it comes to swimwear for the summer. Just the other day I walked the Target store, and the first thing to greet me was a mountain of bikinis.If a store is being provisioned that way, it’s because the girls should be buying them!

Consistent In The Aquatic World And The Dry World

I knew I had to change. I knew I needed to be consistent. That he needed to maintain the same standard of modesty for every situation and circumstance.

I threw on my shorts and my tankini and went to get my new clothes.

Thank God I found long black shorts and a pink surfing t-shirt. Yes, I had to buy an extra-large tripe shirt because those surf t-shirts are made to fit tight!

I decided that I have to be consistent. I can not keep one standard for the dry world and one for the aquatic world.

Let me clarify. And I know I still have tons to learn in the whole area of ​​bathing suits. That does not mean that I am perfect or that I assume that everyone should do what I do. This is what God has shown me, and my goal is to open up and be honest with you about where I am.

Romans 12: 2 says it this way: “And do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is: what is good, acceptable, and perfect.”

Brand New Trend

Set your own standards for modesty, and then stick to them. Have confidence in your convictions. Study the heart of God for modesty and decipher what you do and why you do it. You have an audience of One whom you are trying to please (Matthew 6:33). Dress to impress your Creator, not His creation.

Do not let the culture push you anymore. You have much more at stake than to get heads that you approve of the world. You have a King to bring you glory, a future husband to honor and brothers in Christ to help foster your purity.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on the bikini? Do you think it’s an inappropriate bathing suit to wear in front of the boys? Why or why not?

Are you consistent with your standards of modesty in the dry world and in the aquatic world?

What is the reasoning behind your answer?

Are you willing to join me and impose a new trend in the world of bathing suits?

Please share your comments! We love to read them!