Wholesale T Shirts Made in Italy

Put a group of young Italian entrepreneurs, add the creativity and inspiration of the artist Frank Cyanide, strictly made in Italy materials and workmanship, exclusive packaging and dedication to detail… what comes out?

A MIX EXPLOSIVE! T-shirt man / woman Paul Cortese..

Each T-shirt with pockets comes from a careful storytelling project that reveals the adventures and the magnetic charm of Paul Cortese, a traveler, lover of women, restless and extremely generous with those in need of help, is a dreamer determined whose motto is “Be a dreamer, only those who dream can achieve their desires.”

Developing a special blend of storytelling and fashion item, the brand offers four special characters, four women with their own temperament hit the soul and memories of Paul Cortese.

Who are these fascinating female characters?

Wholesale T Shirts Made in Italy

Betty is the first woman known to Paul after his landing in New York. Prima ballerina in a room where people danced the Charleston, Paul fell in love with her ​​for her sweetness and fragility;

Sophie La Marseillaise is the daughter of Ventura Captain that Paul had taught the art of tattoos, Sophie was born from the love of one night between his father and the young mother.Paul fell in love with her ​​for her strong character and her morbid jealousy;

Daisy is the owner of a ranch in Texas that Paul experienced a night stopping and staying at his estate on a trip. Paul’s’ love of his strong personality and lived with her ​​a tormented love unpredictable mood of this Texan all pepper;

Honolulu Baby met Paul while vacationing in Hawaii. This young woman taught the children of the island the traditions of their ancestors. Paul fell in love with you on your extraordinary sensitivity and her love for the arts.

The line is embellished with pole man enriched with clutch bags and inserts in four different shades (purple, brown, taupe, blue). Details that reflect the innate elegance of Paul Cortese, appreciated by all the people who met him during his many travels.

We in the newsroom we have done, by ordering them via e-commerce, the first thing that has affected us to the courier receipt was the packaging  that accompanies the products  packaged by hand in equally accurately.

Keep in touch with Paul Cortese:

For every product sold, a portion of the proceeds is donated to help children in need and contribute to their well-being.

Paul Cortese supports the project A.NA.VI. Onlus di Verona (Born to Live Association Onlus,www.anavi.it ) that since 1995 is dedicated to helping children born prematurely and their families.