White Continues to Amaze: a Very Preppy and Nerd Lookbook for Summer 2011

Definitely, White is betting high on their men’s collection. Lookbook with as this gives taste to see how low-cost firms try to renew the closet thanks to sets in which mostly premium vitality and optimism in their clothes, their courts, their prints and creative line pursuing with each of their sets.

Your new online store has served as a springboard to innovate in this field and thanks to them we have presented the summer 2011 Lookbook in which stumbled the Picardy in the eclectic and fun outfits up to the subtlety of the more minimalist looks composed a piece as well is described.

The Preppy style made in white

Without a doubt, one of the outfits that most exploit and which I believe have been able to sharpen to perfection. The Bermuda in woven denim or any other version of cotton (e.g. flax) is combined with the poles of colors to achieve a very summery outfit and nerd.

The pastel colors as the pink, yellow, green, or the celestial are chosen to simplify the burst of light and achieve looks much more summer and preppys.

Sport touches on some of them through the use of clothing as the cardigans or short sleeve shirts, the white poles of pique and the sneakers of tennis, become very aided and fresh styles who know how to exploit some trends such as returned-bass.

Supplements are essential in this type of outfits: on the one hand the pasta glasses nerd style that it not only contrasted with the rest of the Assembly generally abusing of the bright and clear tones…

… but with the belts or shoes become elements of contrast within the Assembly that far from being mere accessories become key items to complete the nerd style.

Blue, I love blue

Blue It has no doubt become the color of the season. Mainly it abounds in ceruleos and electric tones while major collections have decided to go for the turquoise and aquamarine in most of his designs. White prefers more electric tones which includes in its Skinny pants…

… and that suggests that we conjuntemos not afraid with colors as vivid as it. The result in a colour contrast of sensations as much sticky with the rest of the set.

Still, the Green aturquesados are present in pants skinny of most of the collection, of course, returned-bass they have become a must have of the season. Is the ideal way to supplement them with some of the sneakers of velcro in shades of blue that we offer.

A renovated navy

Finally, the navy style they wanted to mark out a bit of the entire collection and presents only some single items. Even so, it is quite feasible to build an outfit in the figure where t-shirts, to follow not saturating the market with dark stripes on white backgrounds, opt for maritime prints in your designs.

The Bermuda they remain the preferred garment for this summer lookbook, and not cut with colors. It is curious that up to the trends such as the navy, which tend to prefer the espadrilles from Esparto grass, nautical or moccasins, the sneakers have managed to put a dent in their outfits.

Finally, additions to part of the aforementioned belts or paste sunglasses style retro-nerd, have the collection of bracelets made from strings and seeds or the foulards in linen and fine fabric, based on stripes and dark colors ideal for contrasting with funds from Cabinet as their basic shirts in pastel tones.


Rhacy Santos

Rhacy Santos

Source: lookbook.nu