WhisperPush, Secure Messaging of CyanogenMod, Us Says Goodbye

If you have installed CyanogenMod on the last two years (and you should), you’ve probably encountered WhisperPush, the implementation of secure cyanogenmod messages. If you’re that, instead of closing the window and install WhatsApp, you’ve been using this service, sorry to inform you that you will no longer have support in ten days, February 1, 2016.

WhisperPush you could send and receive texts encrypted between CyanogenMod users or to use Signal / TextSecure. Although the latest version of CyanogenMod has not already WhisperPush, previous versions since 10.2, when it was introduced for the first time, will also be affected.

The reason is simple: the work necessary to solve the problems the implementation of secure messaging within the app for SMS to CyanogenMod not worth, and it would have resulted in an unnecessary clone of Signal. Instead, CyanogenMod recommends installing the preferred messaging of Edward Snowden, Signal.

CyanogenMod recommends you install Signal

It’s time to cancel your registration

The post with the announcement of the closure of WhisperPush includes detailed information on how to proceed if you used this service before, to make sure that your messages do not languish in limbo.

If you still have your active WhisperPush account on CyanogenMod, usa the menu settings – privacy to cancel your registration. If you don’t have access to your account or not to cancel the registration for yourself, like, because the Bill will be automatically cancelled on February 1.

The movement seems to have enough sense, when according to sources from CyanogenMod WhisperPush records they fell sharply since the launch of Signal. It is a small inconvenience for those who used WhisperPush, but migration to Signal at least will bring new features such as secure voice calls.